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Weekly Tarot October 3, 2023

The Fool represents a beginning, the 10 of Staffs represents an end, and the 2 of Pentacles represents balance. With this very simple definition, what does that look like to you in your life? The Fool is all about the beginner's mind, finding new life, hope and opportunities. He is carefree and open to possibilities. The 10 of Staffs comes in that there is a lot of work that has been done or still has to be done. Again, where does this apply to your life and where does balance come in? Are you having some big ideas but maybe neglecting to put in the work? Are you working really hard and maybe forgetting to enjoy life and what you are working for? Maybe, it’s both in different areas? 2 of Pentacles is a beautiful card because it is all about balance. This is a reminder to not take on more than you can handle and it’s ok to put something down so you can balance out other areas of your life that need attention. This is a really beautiful reading that brings in the duality of life. The ideas and emotions, and the physical tangible work. Both are equally important, and it is important to remember to find balance. It's also ok if the balance shifts from time to time.

Divination – Guidance, Reflection, Insight

Take a breath, take it twice, insightful reflections are guided by light.

Cards, tea leaves, coffee, clouds, candlelight, flowers. There are dozens of ways to embrace the art of divination, a practice used to seek guidance from the divine and part of a witch’s toolkit for centuries. It is a beautiful practice that can help you see beyond what is immediately in front of you. It can show you hidden dangers and gifts, provide new ideas and shut down old ones. Divination is a way to seek the advice of the powers that be while also showing hidden dangers and truths.

If you have pulled Divination, you are being asked to explore your ability to receive guidance from the Earth and the divine. Now it’s time to go deeper into your practice, and you must learn to trust in your own ability to feel your way into messages as well as your ability to interpret them.

This card also means there is a need to take more time to reflect. It can be easy to get lost in the day to day without taking time to process everything you’ve been through. Something as simple as pulling a card every day either in the morning or evening can help you make sense of the events around you. It can help you to see things that you overlooked or consider something that you would never have otherwise.

Pele (pronounced pay’lay) is the volcano Goddess of the Polynesian peoples of Hawaii. According to legend she appears to people as a beautiful and mysterious young woman just before her volcano is about to erupt or as a gnarled old woman who lights her cigarette with the snap of her fingers. Although her priestesses, the queens of Hawaii, were converted to Christianity when Mauna Loa erupted in 1880, Princess Keelikolani recited the old chants, gave offerings of silk cloth, and poured brandy into the bubbling lava. Pele, thus appeased, grew calm.

Pele’s appearance signals a need for awakening. Have you been sitting still for too long? Have you been lulled into sleep by the evenness in your life? Has reality been too slippery to grasp? Get ready to awaken your awareness and come into full consciousness. Now is the time to see things as they really are, to initiate change so things can be as you want them to be. Now is the time to wake up to your potential and power, to move and shake. Pay attention to all that life is telling you. Pele says that when you nurture awakening your life becomes creative rather than reactive – an infinitely more powerful way to be!

Our Lady Who Sends the Angels – With a pure heart, free from any intention other than manifesting the Divine Mother’s love, call on the angels who love all beings unconditionally. Ask for help for yourself and for all you feel inspired to pray for, including those you know are in need of assistance but perhaps lack the spiritual skillfulness to help themselves. Pray with relief in your heart that is born of total trust.

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