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About Me


Jessie Hare

500Hr RYT, Sound Healer, Tarot Reader, Reiki II

When I was younger, I was very active; dance, cheerleading, snowboarding, gymnastics, skating, theater, and more, movement has always been something my body needed. Somewhere along the line, I let toxic habits and relationships slowly take my passions away. I found yoga as a stepping stone back to my own mind and body. The more seriously I took my practice, the more my life started to feel like my life again. In 2019 I decided I wanted to learn how to share this practice that had already helped me so much with others and I enrolled in the 200-hour yoga teacher program at Studio Cleveland. I graduated the moment before the world stood still in March 2020.

I have been a witch as long as I can remember but it was during my first yoga teacher training that everything about my life seemed to stitch together in a way that made my life feel like it fit me. I was introduced to philosophies and modalities that made so much sense. For the first time, the seemingly random things I did like reading tarot cards, studying philosophies and mythologies from all over time and space, the rituals I have created for myself, music and dance lessons I've taken and so much more were all starting to fit together in a way that finally made me feel like who I am supposed to be according to me. My life since that program has changed in every single way. 

In addition to teaching adults of all ages, I teach yoga to children all over the Greater Cleveland area ranging in ages 3-18 focusing on social-emotional learning and behavior management through breathwork and mindfulness practices. I also have a passion for incorporating sound healing and tarot readings in my classes as a way for people to connect inwards and feel rested and restored physically and energetically. In addition to yoga, I provide sound baths and sound healing experiences to people of all ages and groups of all sizes. I provide reiki for those looking for energy healing to help assist the body in feeling peace and overall well-being. I read the tarot for in-depth questions that help provide clarity and reassurance to those that seek it. 


I enjoy being a student just as much as I love teaching. I am currently working on completing the advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training and I enjoy taking yin, vinyasa, and Kundalini classes. Outside of yoga, first and foremost, I am a mom to an amazing toddler.  I am a tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. I enjoy music of all kinds and really love to provide new sounds for soundbaths and sound healing events. I have a passion for great food, cooking, and eating! I also am a big fan of movies and the theater; I could talk about my favorites for days.  

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