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April 9 Post Eclipse Weekly Tarot

This reading is starting by asking you to think about what you are passionate about. What are the things in your life that when they come up you drop everything and go do them? What do you daydream about? The Knight of Wands wants you to spend time taking inspired action to do this more in your life. The King of Cups is a reminder of balance. Kings are naturally diplomatic and more logic brain but this king is also in touch with his emotional self. What brings you balance to your heart and your mind? Where do you need more compassion in your life? The Fool is such a beautiful card and a second gentle nudge at spontaneity. The fool is a free spirit and is perfectly okay with starting over again and again and again. He is the first card in the traditional tarot deck. He is the ultimate beginner and seeker of the new even within the familiar. I think that this is something that gets brought up in yoga all the time. Having the beginner’s mind; the mind of a child mind helps us to be open to all possibilities and accepts things as they are, not how they think they should be. Life is cycles and when we can start again in a space that is new with the life lessons that we carry with us we can be open to the possibilities of good things happening. The King of Swords is a reminder of balance, sharpness of mind, intelligence, clarity, and truth.  Dreams and possibilities are wonderful. Positive and wishful thinking are great, but they only get you so far. Effort is always required; wishes only get you so far. Remember how strong you are, be brave and keep taking steps forward.


The Balancing Act: Balance

If you drew this card, it may be time to sit back and review just what you have put on your plate. Are you overworking or underworking? Strive for balance between work and play and honor your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Weed out whatever no longer serves your highest good. Enjoy your life and live it in the now. Strive for the balance in all that you do. Just take a deep breath, release it, and sense the calm enfolding you…this is the peace of balance. The scales tip too far in any direction. Without the constant shifting of perspectives, life would be stagnant and offer no growth or lesson. If things feel very out of balance in your life, consider your thought patterns. Where do they lead you? Replace any thoughts that are not for your highest good with thoughts that are positive and productive. Remember to focus on the things that you want in your life, not your perceived troubles. Act as if your good has already manifested. It has manifested on a higher plane and is now working its way to you in your material world. Remember that balance is constantly in a state of pursuit. It must remain in a state of movement. If the movement stops then it no longer is the balancing act, but a state of suspension and lack of action.

Divine Spirit,

Please bring balance into my life,

on all levels of my being.

Help me to know what is for me,

and to know what is not for my highest good.

Help me to know the difference.

My life is in order!

So be it!

Learn to juggle today!

Defend to the End, the Worthwhile

Beneath the illusions, pretty as they may seem, you know what is real. Beneath the lies, sweet though they may sound, you know what is worthwhile. All that is genuinely and truly essential for the heart to throb with life is worthwhile. Anything that dulls it or suffocates its vibrant aliveness, must be questioned, challenged, and more than likely, cast aside, for the heart is our key to living an authentic life. What is there once that is compromised? Without its foundation of truth, we are to be forever lost in confusion, doubt and despair!

You are a sacred warrior – a defender of the heart. You have cried genuine tears of your own grief, and also the grief of the world. You have raged at injustice and oppression in your own life, and in the world. You have felt the need to protect the presence of love, for whilst it is exceptionally powerful, it can be too easily smothered under lies and fear. The sacred warrior must not heed the dangerous voices that say, “Oh, stop being so sensitive! Stop making such a big deal out of things!” Love is the biggest deal there is. What else is worth being so sensitive about? The sacred warrior is vigilant that the presence of love is not chipped away by fear, criticism, doubt or untruths. Even if others find the unflinching honesty of your feelings difficult to handle, even if those feelings are expressed with gentleness and compassion, the sacred warrior honors the task of being more faithful to love, than to anything else. This includes the fear of loss. Actually, it includes the fear of anything at all.

This oracle brings guidance to honor even the smallest steps in your path of the sacred warrior. They are no less important than the more noticeable or dramatic actions on the path. One single misstep can begin a landslide of great devastation. Being vigilant with what is meaningful and what is truthful, even in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant ways, strengthens the sacred warrior and prevents darkness from gaining a stronghold from the inside. That darkness will be intelligent and sneaky. It will tell you that it doesn’t matter, that this one time you can forget what you promised, that you are just one person and that you can’t make a difference anyway. That darkness will lure you into sleepy ambivalence and dull your light, if you allow it to. The sacred warrior within will fight with love and honor to be true to what has meaning, and never, ever allow it to be cast aside – even if it seems easier in the moment. The sacred warrior fids joy and humor in life, to prevent the seriousness of the task from stifling the heart that just wants to live and be free. That joy brings strength to the warrior and an expanded, relaxed awareness that can sense the presence of fear (whether it is masked as anger, hate or doubt) and immediately respond to it with fierce compassion. The sacred warrior will not allow fear to gain a stronghold within the heart. This oracle has special guidance for you. You are being asked to stay strong and stand your ground. This might be in a big emotional journey that feels like the fight of your life. It may be in a matter that does not seem to hold much importance. Perhaps, for example, you are contemplating and idea that you feel could be something, but those around you declare it is nothing much, too impractical, too little or too much. However, what is happening or soon will be happening, is worthwhile. So, hold tight! Ask for help though the healing process below, stay true to the sacred warrior of love that you are and defend to the end all that is worthwhile.



Wild Violet: Romance

It may be time to perk up a current love affair or to welcome a new one into your life. Think of all the romantic things you can do! We always hear about the fairy tale romance, but as fairies will tell you, it doesn’t happen without some effort. A relationship should be based on mutual respect and honesty and love. Small things go a long way in perking up a relationship. There is the small kiss on the cheek, just for nothing…or the hug at the door. Really listening to your partner is vital to any relationship. Get the basic building blocks under the relationship and then keep building. Even if you are not currently in a relationship with another person, you can treat yourself by creating a space in your home to pamper yourself. Romance isn’t just for some. It’s about a pretty tablecloth and flowers in a vase…soft music to relax by or a nice glass of wine to drink before a warm fire. You are worth the effort. How can you put more romance into your life?

Oh Great Goddess of Light,

bring romance into my life.

Cast about me an attraction spell.

Pull it from a wishing well.

Make it strong and make it true.

For this I send my gratitude to you.

So be it!

Write yourself a love letter.


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