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Weekly Tarot November 7 2023

The Knight of Wands starts the reading talking about something that you were very passionate about. You were all in. The Justice in reverse says that whatever this was, was probably not what you initially thought it would be or something may have happened that knocked the wind out of your sails a bit. The Justice and Lovers in reverse signifies to me that this may have to do with a close relationship with a partner, with the self, or potentially a family member. The 10 of swords signifies an end. This is the last battle, the last time, the end. You have tried to do everything you could. You can’t allow this instance or person to put out your fire and passion. Maybe it was approached the wrong way or to the wrong people but the 4 of Pentacles wants you to keep at it. You are in control of your life. You don’t need permission or approval to do the things that you are passionate about. (As long as they are not harmful of course). The 7 of Pentacles agrees and adds that all your hard work will pay off. Just keep focusing on your work. If the battle is internal, please take a moment to be kind to yourself. If it is external, it doesn’t mean you have to cut ties or do anything extreme. Just find the people that do support you and maybe limit what you share or just realize who you are talking to and the capacity to which they are able to respond.

New Moon in Virgo – A time to give rather than take

When this card comes up, it’s time for you to take stock of your situation. Where are you, and where do you want to go? The New Moon energy of this card suggests a restart and the Virgo energy suggests you make that restart a clever one that’s simple and well organized. Virgo also has a strong health aspect to it, so if you’ve been unwell, this card suggests that your health is on the up. Virgo loves clean eating and alternative therapies, so add these into your routines now, however you’ve been feeling. If a situation is blocked at the moment, it could be that you’re over-analyzing things or being too critical. It’s time to ask less what someone else can do for you and to think more about what you can do for others.

-Recommit to healthy morning and evening routines.

-Gradual improvements are coming.

-Pay attention to detail if you want success (without being pedantic!).

-Be of service to others, and love and money will follow.

-The person you’re asking about is reliable.

Yule Log – Insert me with a bleeding thought, a sacred creation birthed from thy. I Am God, I am Goddess, I am creation and the creator.

Yule logs are burned for 12 days and represent the rising sun and the birth of a new sun god. Yule logs are decorated with all kinds of Christmas and when it is lit each member of your household gets to take a turn, tossing in anything you’d like to release from the year. Each person gets to set an intention for what they hope to call into their lives. Yule logs represent the beautiful cycle of birth, death and rebirth. When we clear out the old we make space for all of the beauty left to come.

Creation is a harmonic blend of both destruction and building. Some things must be cleared and destroyed so that you have room to welcome in something new. Channel the energy of the goddess by healing and letting go of anything holding you back. Then channel the power of the god by invoking action, courage and determination. Both energies, male and female, are required to be successful in your dreams, goals and manifestations. Yule Log reminds you that what you wish for will take more than one approach.

Canary Spirit – Sing your own song

Canary Spirit arrives to help you find your authentic voice and express what is in your heart. Free yourself to experience your inner light and let it shine, as Canary Spirit sings to remind you of your inherent joy and to support you as you sing your own song. Now is the time to let the world know who you really are. Canary Spirit’s message is that you are free to be yourself and express your most cherished desires. If your inquiry is about a relationship, you’re being called to fully be yourself, for only then will you find harmony and joy. You can make music with others so beautifully when your note rings true.

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