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Weekly Tarot November 21

4 of Cups is about hyper focus. Sometimes we tend to look at all the negative and nothing else. The 4 of Cups is asking you to shift your focus into gratitude. There is still so much available to you. Things may look hard or scary but nothing great ever comes from not trying. The 4 of Cups is a mental battle and the Knight of Wands is coming in to let you know that you have the power and the passion within you. Sometimes in life you have to cry on the floor for a while but then you pick yourself up and you keep going. It’s ok to have these sad moments or moments of fear but remember that these are only moments. Our thoughts power us so it is important to practice being on your own team. The 8 of Pentacles is all about putting in the work. Now is the time to put the work in and dedicate your mind to learning that skill, craft, job, school, whatever it may be. It requires work. It won’t happen overnight and that is okay. You are worth investing in yourself.

Offerings – Devotion, Exchange, Balance

I give to you my heart’s intent wrapped in gratitude and thankfulness. Devotion in exchange for your presence, here I am gifting my essence.

Do you finish what you start? Do you show your commitment through devotion to your craft and self-mastery? Offerings are an essential part of magic. They show your willingness to commit to your art through sacrificing something such as your time, money or an idea you’ve held onto.

All worthwhile tings will require an offering of you. Perhaps to change careers you need to take classes to receive a certification. This is an offering of time and money and may mean sacrificing your social life or time at home. To move to an exotic placer will mean saying goodbye to your loved ones in favor of new experiences and adventures. Whatever you give up will be replaced by something bigger and more aligned with your soul.

Offerings reminds you that you cannot take shortcuts on the journey to your desires. You must be willing to put in the work and do what is required of you to manifest your dreams. Remember that a novice never becomes a master overnight. Stay the course and learn your craft.

Wombat Spirit – Be at Home

Burrowing deep into the ground, remaining safe, sound, and well-fed with family, is a special trait of the wombat. Home sweet home is always available if you recognize that well-being is the truth of life. Wombat Spirit reminds you that to be truly at home in the world, you need to find comfort within your own skin. You do this by accepting all your experience without judgement, through deep honesty and love of life. When you feel the freedom to be yourself, you can begin to truly feel at home in your life, with your family and tribe. Right now, you’re in a beautiful place where you can hang up the coat of your identity and settle into a true sense of home and well-being, understanding that all is well. Everything you do form this place rings true in harmony with Spirit.

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