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Weekly Tarot March 5

The 9 of staffs is a sense of almost being home after a long journey. You can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.  This card represents overcoming challenges and having faith that what you are working toward will happen. Keep the faith and keep doing the work. The Wheel of Fortune is a good sign that things will work out the way you want them to as well. The Wheel has a sense of not having control of everything entirely, life is going to shake out how it’s going to shake out and in this particular reading that is a good thing.  There is a feeling of a turning point and things changing that feel like fate. This is where you are supposed to be. Temperance is a card of compromise, balance and alchemy. The card always has someone there mixing things together to make something new and magical. It makes space things to be different and new.


Kali pronounced (kah’lee), the Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction, is the animating force of Shiva, the destroyer (Lord of the Dance). She is the insatiable hunger of time that births then devours. Skulls, cemeteries, and blood are all associated with her worship. Kali’s energy is uncontrollable. After killing 2 demons, she got drunk on their blood and began dancing on their dead flesh. She danced herself into a frenzy until she realized she almost danced Shiva to death.

Kali has begun her dance in your life to tell you it is time to face your fears. All that is lurking ominously, either buried deep in your inner darkness or close by, needs to be stared in the eye and brought into the light of consciousness. Are your fears serving you by warning you about dangerous places, things or people? Or do your fears prevent you from dancing your dance, living your life, creating with Creation? Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed s part of the whole Dance of Creation. Wholeness is nurtured when you reclaim the pieces of yourself that you’ve given over to fear. Most fears are formless. By naming and witnessing the fear, you gain power. Wholeness is created when you learn to acknowledge your fears and walk through them.


Magnolia – Delicate pink and white flowers dance in the air’s breath. Could it possibly be as beautiful and serene as it appears? The reality is yours to create. How are you designing your reality? Is your life unfolding the way you wish it to? Is what others see a clear representation of who you really are? Do you live from your authentic self? Where do you place your attention…on negatives or positives? Remember that you attract that which you focus on. Your focus is what creates your reality. Learn to trust in your good. Know that you are worthy of all that is wonderful and abundant, simply because you exist. Acknowledge that you are loved and treasured by Spirit. Breathe in the lovely scent of the magnolia and as you do, know that you are breathing into the breath of Spirit. Think clearly about what it is you wish to manifest into your life. Place your focus on the things that you desire. It does not matter if they are of the material or spiritual realm. Both serve to teach us to love ourselves and others.


I believe in the love of Spirit.

I believe in my good.

I am abundant in all good things.

Life rewards me at every turn.

I am good…I am part of God…I am one with all that is,

and I shall never want.

I create my life with trust and with joy.

So be it.


Lilith (pronounced lil’ith) was originally the Sumerian Queen of Heaven, a Goddess older than Inanna. The Hebrews took the Goddess and transformed her into the first wife of Adam, who refused to lie beneath him when having intercourse. She insisted that because they were equal, they needed to have sex equally. When Adam refused, she left him. Thereafter, in Jewish mythology, she was described as a demon.

Lilith appears to tell you to take back your power. Where are the places you have lost or given away your power? What beliefs do you hold that deny your power? Have you been told that powerful women never find mates? Or that women can’t have power because that would make them unfeminine? Have you been teased, shunned, ostracized by others when you’ve stepped into your power? Are you afraid of misusing your power to dominate or manipulate? Lilith says that the way to wholeness for you now lies in acknowledging that you’re not connecting with your power, then second coming to terms with and accepting your power.

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