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Weekly Tarot June 6 - 12

“Work, work, work, work, work, work.”

- Rihanna

The World represents completion, integration, accomplishment and travel. 10 of Wands also represents completion & hard work. The King of Pentacles says that it all will pay off. You have certainly come a long way. The 10 of wands is completion after very hard work. A lot of time and effort has been put in to whatever you are working on and it has finally or will very soon come to an end. What have you learned in the process? Your journey to this point was important and it is important to take a moment to pause and reflect on everything that has lead you to this point. Find a moment of gratitude with this. King of Pentacles is all about abundance, wealth and leadership. You are now in a position where you can enjoy your hard work and share your success with those that you love and helped get you here.

My Emotions Move Through Cycles and Connect Me to My Truth

We are cyclical in nature and fluctuate. We ebb and flow, rise and fall, contract and expand, and everything in between. Our cycles are a gift and carry deep and rich wisdom. Embrace your cycles and know that they inspire heightened intuition and creative genius. They also unearth buried desires, reveal where self-care is lacking, awaken directive inquiry, and invite you to truly feel your rhythm. If you resist your essential nature you may feel disconnected or lose touch with your ability to self-regulate. Your body informs and guides you. Pause and feel: stagnation may be a call for change, feeling stuck may be a sign you need to move, weighed down with clutter may be a nudge to make space. Give yourself permission to feel your full range of emotions and your multifaceted nature – this is key to your vitality and wisdom.


Wherever you walk, you walk not alone. You are gifted with companionship from the other realms. Inter-dimensional beings are there to assist you in all things, merely waiting for your call. Your angels and spirit guides are there to guide you in all your Earthly ventures. The elemental realm is there to help you ground to nature and work with her. The fairies tend your gardens and forests from which you receive food, beauty and shelter. They work in perfect harmony to give you all you need and keep it all in balance. You are never alone. Bask in this golden knowledge and give thanks. We humans have been gifted with the help of incredible beings. They work around the clock for our sake…serving and helping in all possible ways. We depend on them whether we choose to recognize their existence or not. In turn, they need to do the work that they do for us in order to expand their growth and learning. We are two interdependent planes of existence…two sides of a coin. One must have the other to thrive and grow. So it is with all of nature. The plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms are all interconnected. Unless we respect all the kingdoms and work with them as one, we cannot survive on this planet. Ask the elementals to help show you how to work in harmony with the other kingdoms. Ask for help in any area of your life…there is a being for every need. Attune yourself to hear their guiding messages. All it takes is listening!

Blessed am I who walks upon the Earth,

for I am in constant communion with all beings of God.

I am protected and nurtured and sheltered in their presence.

They guide me and give me comfort.

What a blessed union we have.

I give thanks for this blending of worlds.

So be it.

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