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Weekly Tarot June 27 - July 3

The Knight of Cups starts this reading by showing up with love. This is the spark of an idea and creativity. This is learning to show up for ourselves with love and compassion. The Fool in Reverse in the second position may show that there is something holding you back. Maybe this new idea and new love is different or outside of your comfort zone which usually freaks people out. It’s ok. It is ok to have this beautiful idea and see the good and be in love with love. The Fool in Reverse can represent the ego in that it brings in the noises of self-doubt. In its upright position the Fool represents walking into a new beginning and I am a firm believer that with a change of perspective we can always put our cards back in order. The Death card shows me that change is inevitable. It is going to happen whether we make the conscious choice to do so or not. Not making a choice or a move is also making a choice and a move, so it might as well be in a direction that makes you happy. The King of Cups popped out which is a bonus message of reassurance. If you are able to overcome the self-doubt and just do the next step it will lead you to the outcome you are looking for. Maybe it is trying a new instrument, new job, new life, or anything like that. Just taking the leap of faith is all you need to create the momentum to move into the space that feels right for your life. The King of Cups also reminds us to seek balance with logic and emotions. It is important that they stay balanced. Stay mindful and present.

New Moon Aquarius – Aquarius is all about progress and modernity, so this is the time to move forwards. The New Moon in Aquarius card means ‘No looking back!’ Change is on its way and it could come quickly. Whether you get the change you want depends both on whether you believe you can have it and how much you’re relying on others to bring it to you. This card comes with the suggestion that you may need to do things independently, on you own. But be loving – not too pragmatic! Time may be of the essence when this card comes up – Aquarius energy has an electric feel to it. Certainly there is a sense that you need to let go of the past and move towards your future as soon as possible.


Hecate (he-ka’tay) is considered by some to be a Thracian moon Goddess and by others to be an ancient pre-Greek Goddess of midwives, birth, fertility, the dark of the moon, magic, wealth education, ceremonies, and the Underworld. Worshipped at the places where 3 roads crossed, she would walk abroad on nights when the moon was dark, attended by a pack of hounds. People honored her by leaving offerings at the crossroads. As crone she also formed a triad with Persephone (maiden) and Demeter(mother).

Hacate meets you at the crossroads where you must make a choice. Times of choice are not easy times. The challenges presented by choice necessitate a leap of faith from the person doing the choosing. Hecate says to let go of the idea that there are wrong or right choices: there is just choice. Have you been putting off making a choice because it seems too overwhelming or a “no win” situation? Does the choice bring up fear of the unknown? Does it seem better and/or easier to remain with what you know? Sometimes a choice must be made, yet you are not ready. In such cases, the way to nurture wholeness is to acknowledge where you are and let it go. Trust that you will be able to make a choice when the time is right. Give yourself time and space. Don’t press, berate, or blame yourself. You need nourishment here. When you let go, suddenly clarity comes to show you what you need. Hecate urges you to embrace the unknown. Know that whatever you choose will bring you something invaluable that you can use on your path to wholeness.

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