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Weekly Tarot July 4th - 10th

5 of Swords card indicates conflict. This conflict can be either internal or external but generally it is a conflict with another person. This is a type of conflict that isn’t one that either party is going to feel ok about, and with this card in reverse you are realizing that you are wasting your breath at this point. They are not going to get to a point where they are going to acknowledge your point of view, compromise, make changes…none of that is happening and you are at a point now where you realize this. There are a few ways the 5 of Swords can play out. You can drop the conflict and walk away, if that’s possible. You can examine if this conflict is part of a larger pattern of conflicts. The course that I believe to be before you is maybe finding a collaborative 3rd option. Compromise. The Sun indicates you can bring positivity into this and allow yourself to come from a place of love and patience. The 8 of Pentacles indicates work, persistence and eventual mastery of a skill. Maybe practice communication skills, problem solving, work it out in therapy or a non-partial 3rd party. All we can control are our own actions. We can’t make other people do things they don’t want to do and believe things they don’t want to believe. Manipulation in any form is not the answer, this includes people pleasing and living in denial. If you do examine the conflict and realize this is a part of bigger things playing out then this may indicate that it is time to go. The Sun card comes up to remind you that you are light and love. You are sunshine and shouldn’t allow repetitive bad behavior to dampen your spirit. It indicates that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to work out and in a way that brings you back to you. The 8 of Pentacles would then indicate that it is time to focus on things you like to do that feel fulfilling. Focus on putting work in your hobbies, career and the things that maybe got previously neglected due to all of the fighting. You will know in your heart which scenario applies to you.

Maya – Illusion

The Hindus and Buddhists of India worshipped Maya as the “Material Universe,” as “Mother of Creation,” “Weaver of the Web of Life,” and as illusion. She is the virgin or maid part of the three-part Kali. Maya is also worshipped in Nepal, Tibet, Asia, and the Himalayas. Her special attributes are intelligence, creativity, water and magic. Here she is depicted lifting the veils of earthly form to reveal the true nature of the universe.

Maya moves subtly into your life to tell you to face you illusion. It is time to see what is so, what is true, what is real. Are you caught in a particular situation and can’t seem to move because it is hard to see clearly? Were you dazzled by what a certain reality seemed to offer you and now discover nothing there? Have you been listening to the words people speak rather than what’s behind the words? Maya says it is easy to get caught up in illusion. Wholeness is nurtured when you accept where you are and forgive yourself, become aware of the illusion, then consciously life the veils to experience the reality. Seeing the reality behind the illusion is what brings you power.

I allow stillness to heal and reveal – If we take a moment to be still, even amongst the chaos, we get in touch with our true essence and can tune into a ore centered presence. Stories of our past, mistakes we’ve made, regret, resentment, heartache, deep wounds or lessons – these can all be healed, and we can always be restored. Each time you soften into the present moment you have an opportunity to heal, grow and create something better. No matter what has happened along the way, you have not been ruined and there is no un-healable state of mind. Surrender and be gentle with yourself today. Show up just as you are. Allow stillness to heal and reveal whatever is present. A radiant woman is emerging from the depths of the earth, having lived a life full of many textures and teachings. You’re powerful beyond measure and must participate in your own healing.

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