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Weekly Tarot July 18th - 24th

The World card represents a sense of achievement, fulfilment and completion. This usually comes up when there has been something that you have been working on for a long time and it is finally has come to completion. The Reverse 3 of Cups may mean that this accomplishment is being celebrated alone. The Lovers represents harmony in relationships and values aligning. This reading very much feels like you have accomplished something that feels very big and you want to celebrate this with certain people but they may not understand your accomplishments for what they are. The Lovers card wants to remind you that there are people out there that align with who you are and want to celebrate with you. Allow yourself the opportunity to make new connections with people on your vibrational level. Sometimes it can feel disappointing when this is a major relationship or family member that you just want to see you for who you are and it is ok to feel disappointed about that. It is important to remember to not dwell on this though because there are very many people that are here for you and happy for you.

Birth of magic

Here lies a message to open up your heart and find that small child within you. That childlike joy, trust and awe often gets stifled as we grow to adulthood. Remember to see the magic through the child’s eyes and mind. Recall the spirit of the fairy child within, who laughs and sings with abandon. Bring that essence into your daily life by rejoicing in nature. See beyond the adult mind and into the reality of the elemental world around you. Ask for the help of the elementals in connecting with the magic within and bringing it out into all that you do. As humans we tend to get hung up on our duties, our accomplishments; what we have and what we don’t have. We take life way too seriously. If you have small children in your life, watch them and see how they respond to the world around them. They come from pure emotion and pure joy. Their excitement in even the smallest things is essentially their spirit rejoicing at just Being. The sound of a tiny chime sends them into peals of laughter. A multicolored strand of lights is enchanting and awe inspiring to them. The taste of a new food brings a look of incredulousness to their faces. They absorb everything completely. They are not halted by fears or ‘What ifs’. They live to explore and to learn and to rejoice. They live in the now. Everything is a miracle to them, as it actually is to us if we would just realize it. Practice seeing your world through the eyes of a child, unfiltered and open to what life has to offer. If you chose this card, it is possible that a small child is coming into your life. Or, you may be working with a small child, or your own small child within.

Oh magic kingdom,

that dwells within and without,

come through my being that I may rejoice in the wisdom of the young.

In all that I do, help me to experience the joy and laughter

that resides within my child self.

Help me to live in the Now and to approach each moment

with innocent trust in the divine plan of my life.

I am thankful for my divine connection.

So be it!


The suit begins with the power of the sword suit – Oshun rising out of the water in her bright yellow clothing with a sword of water piercing the sky. The ocean and the clouds seem to be connected and allow you to flow into a victorious alignment. Oshun brings the sword to you because it is time to stand up for justice. She rises effortlessly and reminds you that the strength of your ancestors is remembered in the water of your body. Oshun wears gold jewelry, brass bracelets, beads, mirrors, and elaborate fans and every aspect of the card is shiny! Around her are the elements of music, dance, fertility, and prosperity, and in the background, a grove of trees signifies her throne.

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