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Weekly Tarot July 11th - 17th

The Seven of Swords in this reading is talking about strategy. It could mean betrayal or short cutting in some cases so it is important to be aware of your intentions. 10 of cups is all about long term success. 4 of Pentacles is about saving. In this reading really has the feeling of working towards your goals and reaching long term success. The Seven of swords is the loudest card in this reading so this really is important to focus on the strategy. You have a goal and it is in sight. There are maybe short cuts that are coming into the mind as possible options and it is important to be mindful that short cuts aren’t always the best option. It feels like you are very close to a goal to the point that you may be trying to rush the end. Put in the work. It will be worth it.

Osupa - – Here we get a long-awaited glimpse at the dark side of the moon, which is a reflection of the collective memory. Osupa is the card of dreams and illuminates the inner world of our fears, hopes, and feelings. The brain is very powerful, and it cannot decipher the difference between when you imagine an event and when you experience it. The imagination is one of the powerful tools in your metaphysical toolbox and you can use it as a means of healing or of replaying old programming that keeps you stuck in a lower frequency. Your subconscious resides between your temples. They are called temples for a reason.

Osupa works with the heart – this is home to the seat of the soul. Osupa works during the night, when your dreams and visions come alive fully in the light of the moon – and the darkness. It is time to turn your attention within and start to work on your dream escape. This is the card of the dreamer, the creative, the artist, the musician, and the free spirit. It is time to listen to the symbolism coming forth in your dreams and journal. When Osupa appears in your spread it is time to ask yourself: Am I ignoring my shadow self? Am I having nightmares because of unresolved issues that I keep replaying?

Spirals of Manifestation – The creative, rebellious path of love moves in spirals. It is not linear. Sometimes our mind decides that the way forward is to take clear steps from one point to the next logical point. However, there is a genius within that can guide us on alternative route. If there is an unnecessary pothole or delay in the typical linear path of progression and the curved loop in the path will be quicker, more fun and more beautiful, then why not allow yourself to be guided to that path? This can happen through turst and wisdom rather than rigid adherence to what on the surface appears to be logical progression.

You are in the midst of a spiral manifestation. Something is coming into being, even if you think it is further away than ever before. How amazing it will seem when what you have been dreaming of falls into place. Suddenly what you have been thinking of creating will plonk into your reality, seemingly out of nowhere – because it was just around the bend, just out of view on the spiral of manifestation and you could not see it coming. In truth, it was coming to you all along!

This oracle has a message for you. Sometimes when we feel the furthest away from what we want, we are actually closer than ever before. Just one turn on the spiral loop of creation can see your manifestation taking root in the world. You must hold true to your faith and keep working on your progress.

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