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Weekly Tarot January 23 2024

The 6 of Pentacles suggests that your focus is on balance of your energy. Giving and Receiving. If you have been giving more than receiving than this is your sign that it is time to turn your attention inward. We can’t give from an empty well and if you have been dishing out fumes for a while, it’s okay to take some time to refill your energy. This is a card of charity and a reminder that the most charitable thing you can do is work on yourself. The 9 of Cups is letting you know that this is where you will start to find satisfaction again like a wish come true. You know when your cup is starting to be filled again as you feel as though your energy is coming back and being focused equally on serving others as well as yourself. The Star reminds us to have faith and focus on renewing your energy in faith. What actions fill your faith cup? What makes you feel like you have purpose? Do those actions in the spirit of faith. This brings in renewal in your life. Look to your stars for guidance, whatever and whoever those stars in your life are, they are here for you.


Starfish Spirit – Open to infinite possibility

Stretched out on the beach, the starfish opens fully to the rays of the sun, to the power of potential. As you look out toward the horizon, do you open up to the infinite possibility? Spirit is the source of opportunities beyond your wildest imagination and ensures endless possibilities are available. At this time, Starfish Spirit urges you to stretch past the limits of your everyday perception and comfort zone to dream of bigger things and imagine with even greater hope and faith, for miraculous potential is shining down on you. Feel it, bask in it, and open yourself to be filled with inspiration. This is a very fortunate sign that Starfish Spirit has come to remind you for infinite potential!


Forget Me Not – As you move along your path in life, there may be experiences and people that leave along the way. No matter what sorrow this may bring, always look for the gift that they have given you. There is a gift within everything that comes your way and it is up to you to allow this gift to be recognized for what it is. Some partings feel sad, some are a relief and some are joyous. One thing that is for certain, all things change continually. So learn to go with the flow. Sometimes people have to leave so that you or they can grow. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they do not. Ask the fairies to help you with your feelings in order to move forward. Life is continuous and non-ending. One does not move to another city and stop existing just because you no longer can see them. So it is with passing from this Earth plane. Life continues but we here on Earth cannot see that life in the form we are used to. Accept the changes and the departures as part of life’s continuance. Life is evolving as it should. After all…people do not stay in the theater after the show is over, do they? It is important to examine past relationships. What did you learn from them…what did they give you….how did you bless each other’s lives? It is okay to grieve a bit but do it with gratitude. Whether they are in another city or have departed the planet you can send them messages from your mine and they will receive them. Just be calm and relax and think what it is you wish to tell them. The angels, guides, and elementals will help deliver your message.  

I ask that my heart be filled with the lightness and joy of a fairy’s heart.

I know that all things are manifested for my good,

even if I don’t always see it in the moment.

I receive and release those who come and go in my life,

with love and blessings,

no matter what the circumstances.

So be it!

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