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Weekly Tarot December 5th

King of Pentacles is starting the reading by saying that you are facing a time of success. The King of Pentacles represents wealth, business, security and abundance and all Kings represent leadership, security and discipline. This is a time where you are being called to step up and step into your true role as a leader. You are good at what you do and you are on the right path. The 5 of Cups says that this may be something that you are having doubts about. Maybe it is fear of failure, self-doubt or general pessimism. Maybe that is your go-to attitude and it may be a way of protecting yourself from being hurt but you don’t have to do that anymore. You can allow yourself to have faith in yourself. The Page of Wands in Reverse talks of spiritual paths, redirecting energy and newly formed ideas. It is time to go inward, it is time to embrace the unknown and the new adventure and know that you have what it takes to come out on top.


Hummingbird Dreams – Even those who seem the least to us have their dreams. The tiniest and the weakest have their place in the Universe just as we do. They have a special job that only they can do, a place that only that can fill. There is no one being that is more important or more worthy than another, regardless of the form in which they choose to express themselves in the life. We marvel at the tiniest hummingbird. How can it move its wings so rapidly that it can hover in one spot and then fly off in a split second? What strength and agility it has. What divine form! It’s hard to believe that something so tiny can bring so much beauty and wonder. If you are feeling small and insignificant, remember your uniqueness. The only shoes you have to fill are your own and they fit you just fine! There are no insignificant people, none who are less whole than another. Eliminate prejudices and judgements whether cast upon yourself or another. If you feel that someone is not up to your standards, then realize that is what you are projecting upon them. Change your perception and see them truly as they are…a reflection of God energy, just as you are. Spirit expresses through us all in its own way. It’s not for us to second-guess. If you are feeling less than whole, remember your divine birth and take comfort in knowing that you are divinely perfect. Pursue your dreams and know that you are divinely guided. Have faith in your dreams and your abilities. It’s okay to have faith in other people’s dreams. Help and encourage them to believe in themselves.

I am a unique being.

There is no other like me. My purpose is my own to fulfill.

No one else can do this.

Spirit expresses through me,

In a way that only I can give expression.

My gifts to the world are mine alone to give.

I am in divine harmony with all life.

So be it!


Reindeer Medicine – Journey into the depths of your soul, an awakening of sights is revealed. It is time for no time at all, for all is presently here.

Reindeer are hearty and majestic creatures. Unlike other animals, they are the only ones who keep their antlers all year long, carrying them like crowns atop their heads. They’ve earned the right to feel like kings, but as the saying goes, ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’. Reindeer make long migrations every year through the harsh conditions of the tundra. They face challenge after challenge, yet they prevail and even make friends along the way. Reindeer are known to be openly cheery and often form relationships with humans, despite the challenging conditions in which they live.

Reindeer Medicine asks you what responsibilities are you willing to endure in the pursuit of your dreams?  Goals take work, even with the cosmic forces behind you. You will still face challenges on your soul’s path no matter how aligned you are with your spirit. Reindeer Medicine has come to your spread to tell you not to give up. The challenges you’re facing now teach you how to be stronger and more resourceful and to find ways to face your fears rather than running from them. Stay the course for you are on the path towards success. You may not see it now with harsh conditions in your way but you’re so close to what you seek.

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