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Weekly Tarot April 4th-April10th

Reversed 8 of Pentacles indicates that a job is being cut short that needs to be finished. Perhaps motivation has died, perhaps it is exhaustion. Regardless of the reason, the 8 of pentacles in reverse indicates a lack of quality and a lack of completion. The Page of Swords is showing up to talk about it. The Page of Swords is the very blunt and straight forward messenger of the deck. He brings intellect and logic and when he shows up there is a message appearing that involves communicating a hard truth with someone. The 4 of Cups states that you may be choosing to not listen to this message.

Here is what this reading means to me:

It indicates that there is something that you have been putting off that needs to get finished or that needs attention. Where do you think this is showing up in your life? For me, this feels like my health and I know quite a lot of people that have also started a new health journey. This could be showing up for you in many different ways like projects, goals, quitting something, starting something, etc. This is not something to look at and start to go into victim mode. I totally get that may feel like the direction your brain may want to take you but it isn’t necessary. When we start to take a very clear look at ourselves and our own involvement in our problems, we can then objectively start to look for solutions that work just for us. What works for me does not have to work for you. It is ok to acknowledge that we are not currently ok, it is not super great to marinate in that mindset. We need to decide what we would like to do about our challenges and start to take baby steps toward what we are working up. It is also a place to show up for yourself with grace and patience. No, you are not where you want to be right now, but you are trying, and you are going to get it done. Do not give up.

Nu Kua – Order

At the time of what the Hopei and Shansi people of northern China call the Great Chaos in the universe, Nu Kua (pronounced noo’kwah), the dragon-bodied Goddess, came to restore order. She replaced the pillars of heaven with the legs of the great turtle and repaired the sky with colored stones. Her repairs enabled the rains to fall when needed and the seasons to come in their rightful order.

Nu Kua floats into your life to assist you in creating order. Is chaos constantly peering around the edges of your life, threatening to overwhelm you if you relax for an instant? Have you let things pile up and bury you? Do you find you are excellent at organizing your boss, your family, your mate, but not yourself? Are you afraid of order in your life, but in a way that is stifling and stiff, solid, heavy, engraved in stone? Now is the time to nurture yourself with order that assists rather than chokes your life force. Nu Kua says that when life is ordered in the natural way, you nurture your path to wholeness. When you forcibly impose something unnatural from without, you create rebellion and resistance.

Lighting the Way – Illumination

We all wish for guidance and help along the way, yet sometimes guidance comes from within. When we connect to the energy of Spirit that resides within each of us, we see clearly what we are to do. Reach for the stars! Allow that communication with Spirit to connect you to your highest good. Connecting to Spirit is as easy as recognizing that you are already one with the Universal Power. If you have chosen this card today, it may be telling you that you need to strengthen your trust in your Divinity. Ultimately, you are to be the one who shows others the way. You hold the light for them as they climb the path of illumination. In order to do so you must continue your own journey in learning and refining your own truth. It is only through example that we can change our world, one person at a time. But if enough people hold the light, in enough places, we can bring about change at a much more advanced rate. This angel holds the lantern for all to see, so that anyone who wishes to climb the path can better see the footholds and avoid the pitfalls. She has reached the highest peak. Her face shows that she takes her job seriously. Guidance can come in many forms…the words of a friend, or loved one, or of a professional counselor. Guidance can come from a book or a stranger’s words. Listen to what information comes your way, then sit with it and meditate on it. Your will get a sense as to whether it is valid for you or not, if you are open and willing to hear your truth. You may be destined to teach or counsel others.

Each step of my journey is illuminated and sure.

I move with trust and confidence.

I welcome the chance to light the way for others.

I hold the light high.

So be it!

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