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Weekly Tarot 3/21-3/27, Spring Solstice & Aries New Moon

The 4 of cups is all about focus. Where is you attention right now? In many cases, this card can feel like focusing on 1 thing to the detriment of other things. However in this reading, combined with the 9 of pentacles and the 3 of cups is telling me that this may be something that requires your full attention and you have support. You are at a point where your hard work is starting to pay off. 9 of Pentacles is a card of success, almost with the vibe of being over-night. But you know that is not how success works. Luck favors the prepared, darling! You have worked to get to the point you are at and now you are starting to see all of your hard work paying off. The 3 of cups is telling you that it is time to celebrate. You are an inspiration and people are wanting to celebrate you, even if they are not there in person. Also, it is a good thing to celebrate yourself, every small victory leads to something huge. This reading is all about taking a moment to realize your gifts, your power and strength. You have everything you need to get through whatever it is that you are focusing on. Maybe take a moment to focus on gratitude so you can see how far you have come. You have everything you need within and around you.

Peacock Spirit – When is the last time you shook a tail feather and shined your light for all to see? Within each of us is a Peacock Spirit yearning for expression, and you are called now to show the world the gorgeous creature you are, for you are a manifestation of Spirit. “Come out from the shadows,” Peacock Spirit says, and shows your true colors so that others may be inspired to express their own exquisiteness. Dance as if you remember that you are made of stardust and grace, filled with life-force energy and sparkling light! You are a channel for divine love, and your dance is to shimmer and dance in celebration of your good fortune of being right here, right now. Spirit wants you to be joyful so that others may get up and dance along with you.

Kali is the Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation and destruction. She is the insatiable hunger of time that births then devours. Skulls, cemeteries, and blood are all associated with her worship. Kali’s energy is uncontrollable. After killing two demons, she got drunk on their blood and began dancing on their dead flesh. She danced herself into a frenzy until she realized she almost danced Shiva to death. Kali has begun her dance in your life to tell you it is time to face your fears. All that is lurking ominously, either buried deep in your inner darkness or close by, needs to be stared in the eye and brought into the light of consciousness. Are your fears serving you by warning you about dangerous places, things or people? Or do your fears prevent you from dancing your dance, living your life, creating with Creation? Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed as part of the whole Dance of Creation. Wholeness is nurtured when you reclaim the pieces of yourself that you have given over to fear. Most fears are formless. By naming and witnessing the fear, you gain power. Wholeness is created when you learn to acknowledge your fears and walk through them.

Trillium – Learn to appreciate everything delicate and gentle in your nature. Delve into that tender part of yourself that holds the cosmic parent and child. Go within and find the small child inside who asks for shelter from life’s storms. Wrap your wings around that small one, giving love and comfort. See that child blossom within the unconditional love of the Universe…into a gentle being of light. Here lies the potential for all things wondrous. Allow yourself the nurturing that will help you bloom into the most that you can become. Too often in life we see all the things that we do not like about ourselves instead of seeing how truly wonderful we are. What a pity! How much further do you think you could go if you were showered only with praise, positive guidance and support? There is a constant pouring out of these blessings upon you by the creator. It is your job to accept it into your heart and life. Love yourself. Do not forget your divine birth into this universe. You are a divine spark of that God Force and nothing can take that away from you. IT is through you that God chooses to express love on the Earth plane. You are an expression and a part of God. The fairies recognize this in you. They are often perplexed that we as humans so often do not perceive our own divinity, something that comes so naturally to the elemental kingdom. They do wish to help however, so follow their lead. Feel the natural grace that Spirit has put upon this planet. Attune to it. Through nature we connect to Spirit. Feel the love, the peace, and the comfort of Divine Spirit in all areas of your life. You are never alone. The cosmic parent is always with you.

Dearest Mother Earth and Father Sky,

I am here to receive the love that is rightfully mine

As a child of Spirit.

I bring this love into my heart

And I rejoice.

I give great gratitude for the pure potentiality that is me.

I allow myself to grow and to bloom in your light and your energy

So be it!

Write yourself a love poem today!

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