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Weekly Tarot April 11 - 17

The Queen of Wands is outgoing, animated, exciting and engaging. She is friendly and accepting of others. She is able to lighten the mood of the room with just her presence. She very much has her own identity and maintains independence even within her relationships.

The Magician is the reminder of your personal power. You have the power to create and attract into your life. Intention is the most important part of the equation and it is important to be mindful of what you are attracting into your life. You have all of the tools, resources, power and mindset to decide what happens next.

Nine of Cups reversed still has the potential to bring a feeling of satisfaction or a sense that your wish has manifested, but it’s either delayed or comes at a price. This is a moment when you question, “Am I ever going to see this wish manifest itself in my life?” Or it may express the feeling you have when you receive what you’ve been wanting for so long, but it still doesn’t seem right or make you happy. Maybe it’s not what you were expecting or maybe what you had to go through to get it—the struggles and the sacrifices or even the delay—makes it feel like it wasn’t worth it. You could also have been neglecting your own self-care and happiness in your attempts to reach your goal to the point where your emotional balance is off, and you can’t really enjoy the fruits of your labor because you’re emotionally exhausted or drained.

What this reading says to me is that you may be forgetting your own power and the cards want to remind you that you have everything you need to have the life that you want. You are powerful, you are enough, and you can manifest anything. Manifesting doesn’t automatically mean good things; you have to focus on that. You have to focus on what you want to have and happen in your life. If you focus on the self-doubt or the negative, then that is what you will get. You deserve all of the good things that life has to offer. Remember who you are and go for what you want.

Hathor – Hathor was mainly associated with the winged cow of creation. As birth and death Goddess, she was credited with creating the body for the immortal spirit to reside in. As creator of the body, she also governed all bodily pleasures: sound, music, song, dance, art, love and touch. It was said that she attended the birth of every child and revealed the pattern of its destiny. She was worshiped in Egypt for more than 3,000 years.

Hathor is here to tell you that the way to wholeness for you lies in connecting with what brings you pleasure and in experiencing pleasure. Have you been taught that pleasure is forbidden, something sinful or evil? Are you so busy fulfilling your commitments that pleasure is relegated to the bottom of your list? Do you deny pleasure in order to get work done? Stop! Time to change all that. Pleasure relives stress and relaxes and refreshes you. Pleasure is the oil that keeps you lubricated and lush. Hathor says that since you have chosen to be here in a physical body, you might as well enjoy it. Don’t wait for others to fulfill this need. Plan to give yourself pleasure daily and you’ll find satisfaction dancing in your life.

Water Element – Water is the elixir of life on Earth. It is also a symbol for the astral fluid (or Universal Energy) that permeates all things. Water deserves our respect and gratitude since without it there is no life. Honor it and understand what it is that you as a human being can do to protect its purity and to not be wasteful of it. Water element is associated often with the divine feminine. It is about love, fertility, emotion, and is also associated with the subconscious mind. Water has no fixed state; it is in a constant state of flux. If this card has appeared to you today, work on consciously appreciating water and what it does for you. Consider carefully all the ways you use water. How much do you use? Do you turn the water off while brushing your teeth? Are you consciously grateful for water? You may want to examine your emotions to see if they are tumultuous or on an even keel. Though it is natural for emotions to fluctuate, ask the Water Element Fairy to help you to keep them in balance. This water fairy dances in the flow of the energy around her. She is joyous and buoyant as she moves with the current. She does not fight it, she moves with the flow. She knows that this fluid energy will take her where she needs to be and bring to her what she needs and desires. Since water is associated with the subconscious mind, you may also be looking at a need to follow your subconscious. Dive right into the depth of your nightly dreams and explore their content. They hold many messages for you if you just take the time to focus on them. Pay attention to your intuition as it works to guide your daily life. Ask the element of water to purify your emotions and your intents. Ask it to help you see clearly, as in a calm pool of water, what you need to know about yourself on a deeper level. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about yourself.

I honor the fluidity of life.

I dance in the spirit of water.

I drink in its substance, deeply.

I am thus sustained.

So be it.

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