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Weekly Tarot 3/14-3/20

This is a really dynamic group of cards for this reading! The Six of Wands is saying that now is a time of success. Eight of Pentacles says that you have put in a lot of much focused work and right now it shows. All of these cards are building on each other with the Page of Wands considered to be the messenger of passion and inspiration. This reading is saying that you are moving in the right direction. You have wonderful ideas, you are putting in the work, people are noticing, and it is a great time to keep going. Allow this to feel good in your life. Know that you are doing amazing things and have a lot to offer the world. Now is your time to shine. You are worthy and it is okay to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. By shining and being yourself, by doing the work, you are inspiring others to do the same. Keep going!

Bast, the cat-headed Goddess, and Sekhmet, the lion headed Goddess, represented two powerful aspects of the sun: the life-giving, pleasurable aspect and the burning, destroying aspect. Bast was worshipped at Bubastis, where vast celebrations were held. She ruled pleasure, joy, music, dance, health and healing, the moon and of course, cats. Bast bats at you with her paw to urge you to come and play with her. It is time to divert yourself with something that is amusing, fun, and total recreational. Has play been a low priority for you? Do you know how to play? What does play mean to you? Perhaps you’ve been working so hard that you’ve forgotten to give yourself a play break. Bast tells you the way to nurture wholeness lies in engaging in play. It is time to discover the ways you are able to play and do it!

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