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Weekly Tarot 1/23/23 - 1/30/23

This reading is telling me you are pushing through something difficult that might feel like going up against a brick wall. It has felt as though the situation that you are working toward hasn’t been changing and continues to be difficult. The Strength card is coming in to tell you to approach this with inner strength. This is the type of strength that comes from patience and consistency, not force. This may be asking you to approach this situation from a non-outcome state of mind. Sometimes (myself included) we get so focused on the outcome that it can cloud our judgement and block what is supposed to be ours. 10 of Wands reinforces the idea of strength and fortitude. This card tells me, that you are strong enough and have and will continue on this journey to reach where you want to be. All of this is leading to the Wheel of Fortune which is a sign of good luck. It is a sign that the next phase is coming. You are putting in the work, you are staying consistent and the results you are looking for are on the way. Sometimes these show up in unexpected ways or may not look like how we thought they would but are still ultimately for the best. Remember how strong you are, strong enough to allow the waves to roll in and roll out and strong enough to let them go knowing we cannot keep the waves on the sand. Keep putting in the work, keep going, you are doing so great. You have support, you are strong and good things are on the way.

"My Dreams Reveal that Magic is Real and Anything is Possible" – Dreams of the night may reveal insights that rest in our subconscious. They may also inform our day dreams where we become the masters of boundless possibility. Our dreams need inspiration to flourish and can help us better understand our path and awaken our connection to great vision. Your dreams are asking you to bring them to life with continuous support and sincere belief. Consider yourself a midwife for your dreams. Welcome motivation, imagination, commitment, and a playful spirit. Set clear intentions for your present path, nurture its growth, and then let go. It takes bravery to build and fully realize your dreams. As you infuse them with conscious love and dedicated action, build your dream team, and have gratitude for the inspired force beneath it all.

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