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Weekly Tarot 1/30/23 - 2/5/23

This reading has the feeling of being filled with potential even if it may not seem like that is not what is happening right now. The reading starts with the fool which is the very beginning of the tarot deck. At this very moment there is something brand new that is happening. This is an opportunity to walk into the unknown. Or even to walk into the known but with a fresh perspective. This card is so beautiful and has such a child-like nature to it of just trying things and seeing if it fits and figuring out who we are. The Reverse 2 Swords says that there is a possible fear that goes along with this new path. That at this moment there is a choice of which there seems to be no "all good" answer. This is both scary and comforting. There is no good answer, there is only the next step. An example of the snake eating the rat. The snake eats, the rat dies, the rat escapes, the snake goes hungry and eventually starves. In life there are very rarely moments that aren't black and white and sometime the right decision is going to hurt people. The important thing is the intention. Whatever decision you make, is not the wrong decision AND it is ok to not feel 100% great about it. The 5 of Wands is a message of evaluating what is worth fighting for and what isn't. Are you fighting for something that will ultimately just not work because of being afraid to face the unknown? Are you fighting it because someone may get hurt by your decision? Be mindful of your intentions. If it is something that must be done to step into who you really are, it is ok to face the scary stuff. You are stronger than you think. The Star is here to tell you that guidance is available to you, you only have to just look in the right place. With the fool being in play, this all may feel like something new to you. Asking for help may not be something familiar for you and that is ok. The people that are supposed to be in your life won't mind helping you as long as you are also willing to keep helping yourself. There is very much a feeling of not being the definition of insanity by repeating the same thing and expecting different results. We have to have our mind open to new ideas and new guidance to get to new places in our lives. Reversed Knight Pentacles is giving the feeling of being or feeling stuck and this may be because of the unwillingness to let go. I get it, it's really scary. It is also worth it. You are worth putting the time into yourself and work on the things that bring you true joy. The High Priestess is here to remind you of your personal power. You are in control of your life, from beginning to end. You have made it this far because you are resilient. It is time now to create the life you want. You have been wanting something new, something better, something that feels more authentically you and it is your time now to step all the way into that.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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