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Tuesday Tarot September 12th

The reading this week is all about finding your way back to your path to you. The Knight and The Wheel of Fortune cards are in Reverse which suggests that there are some issues with feeling a little on edge. Perhaps you are feeling like there are a lot of things out of your control right now which is causing discomfort. There may be a feeling of a need to make hasty decisions, but this is not really advisable right now. This reading is a call to come back to the people that fully support you with the 3 of pentacles. It may be time to collaborate and work with people that you may not have previously considered. The 3 of Wands jumped out with the reminder that it is time to maybe travel and start to think strategically. It is also a card of collaboration being a 3. No matter what it is you are going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. The Wheel of Fortune also reminds us that some things are just out of our control. We can’t control every situation and we can’t control other people’s actions so be mindful that the people in your life right now are aligned with where you want your life to be. It is ok to venture out into the unknown. You will still be you.

Straw Bale – It’s time you step out of your comfort zone, take up space and reach new heights.

Your higher self chose this card because you are being invited to determine whether or not you need to dream bigger, reach higher and expand fully into your gifts. Are your talents being utilized? Are you taking up space and allowing your light to shine? Are you reaching for big enough goals or playing it safe? If you are reading this now it’s likely you have not made the best use of your talents and have been playing it safe from fear of failure or because you don’t believe you are good, wise or experienced enough.

There are many people in the world who are less experienced, less educated and have less money and far less talent but are living big, fulfilling lives simply because they have given themselves permission to occupy as much space as possible. They don’t wait for others to hand them things; they go and get them. They don’t wait for others to make space for them; they find their own lanes. Don’t be afraid to ask for more, be the first in line or to call your own shots. Straw bale incourgaes you to find the courage to live as big as you dare.

Our Lady of Sacred Union – Conflict can be motivation, or it can be exhausting if it has been continuing for too long without relief. Make space in your heart for the way beyond current inner conflict to be revealed. There is always another way; no matter how set in stone your situation may appear to be. Our Lady’s hand is guiding you along the path, out of conflict and into a new joyful harmony.

Chakra Fairy – Chakras are whirling spheres of energy that hold our astral and etheric bodies within our physical bodies. They channel the energy we receive from the Universe and put it into a form that is usable within the human body. These spheres regulate and balance all the energies that vibrate through us. All is well as long as these fields of energy are in alignment. However, if they become bogged down or spin at the wrong vibration, issues can arise. Problems can include ill health, low energy, depression, mental or emotional conditions. It is a good idea to do a chakra exercise daily. This need not take a long time to do. If you are pinched for time, ask your elemental helpers to balance your chakras for you. They will be glad to do so. One easy method for balancing chakras is through visualization. Sit in a chair or recline on a bed. You may light a candle or play soft music. Just be comfortable and warm enough to be able to relax thoroughly. Now, begin breathing regularly, start with nice deep breaths and after a few breaths, move down into a steady breathing just as you would when you go to bed at night. Visualize before you a beautiful clear red mist…now breathe that mist way down deep into your body…exhale ay negative energies or worries that may have been bothering you. Breathe this red mist into your body for several breaths until it feels like you are done. Next see an orange mist before you and begin to breathe in this clear bright orange mist…continue with yellow, then green, then blue, next indigo…and violet. I like to finish by visualizing the clear white light. This is like the finishing touch that strengthens the connection to Spirit.

I recognize the patterns of energy

that flow through and about my body.

These energies are in perfect divine balance.

My health is clear.

I am in harmony.

I give thanks to Spirit.

So be it!

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