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Tarot October 24th 2023

2 of Pentacles is the card of balance. Balance here requires action. You may be juggling a lot right now and the 2 of Pentacles is going to ask you, what can you put down? We don’t want to be balancing more than necessary right now and it is a good time to sit and prioritize what you want to call into your life. The Ace of Wands is all about inspiration. Maybe there is something new on the horizon that you want to jump into, again, bringing balance back, what do you need to do to make that happen? Do you need to ask for help? Are you neglecting one thing in order to do something else? Be cautious about spreading yourself too thin. The 7 of Pentacles also is about hard work and patience. Sometimes, when we put in a lot of hard work and don’t see results right away we tend to lose focus and shift our attention elsewhere. This is ok if it isn’t something that you really want. But if it is, reconnect to why you want what you are doing and refocus on the work. The results will come. You need faith and patience right now.


In Hindu India, Shakti (pronounced shock’tee), the Goddess, is active, powerful, vital – the animating force of the universe. The masculine is the passive, inert, dormant force. Each Shakti has her God with whom she unites in sexual union. Without union neither can do anything. To the Tantric mystics, the ultimate union with Shakti happens at the moment of death. Shakti, portrayed here seated within the luminous world egg, is protected by the serpent, kundalini, the emanation of her own divine energy.

Shakti explodes into your life to energize and visualize you. The way to wholeness for you now lies in learning to work with Shakti divine, cosmic, orgasmic Goddess energy. Have you been feeling tired? Do life and all its demands exhaust you? Do you keep giving your energy, your vitality, without taking in, recharging, revitalizing? Perhaps there is something you want to manifest but don’t feel you have enough energy to do it. Shakti says there is abundant energy available for you. All you need to do is learn to connect with it.

Midnight – The most magical hour of all

The dark it envelops me

The witching hour awaits

True magic and enchantment

And spells that change fates.

The middle of the night – midnight – is the hour in which it is believed that ghosts, witches, ghouls and magic are most likely to be active. Transition times, such as noon, the time between tides or even dark moon, are traditionally powerful times for magical transformation.

In some Christian traditions, the witching hour is seen at 3AM because it is the opposite to the time that Jesus is said to have died, at 3 PM, but there is some consensus that midnight is the time of greatest magic, particularly around Halloween. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween it is said that the spirits flow forward through the veil and, if benevolent, bring positive messages. If not so benevolent they are mischievous and play tricks at best or at worst, cause havoc.

Allow yourself to relax into the benevolent darkness of midnight. You may feel this is your darkest hour but know that the light will return again. The dawn always follows the darkest night. Know too that it is important to recognize that we all have darkness within us – just as we have light – and this isn’t something to hide from.

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