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Tarot for the End of August

The Sun starts this reading with a reminder that there are good things in life all around us, the Reversed Death card and the Reversed King of Wands card is saying that this can only start to feel that way when you start to let things go. The sun is always positive; it is the light that gives life. Death is all about transformation, evolution and change and in the reverse position this means that there is something holding you back from growth. The King of Wands reversed suggests that what is holding you back from growth is a lack of leadership, direction and discipline. The reverse King of Wands acknowledges insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Where are those ideas coming into play in your life? Is it an outdated belief? External judgement is really internal judgement that fear won’t let you see clearly. You can’t blame the outside world or other people for your problems. You are the common denominator. What is it that brings you confidence? What is something that you do for you in your life that makes you feel like you know what you are doing? Do more of that and allow everything else to fall into place.

I needed clarification in this pull so the next layer suggests where we are with this information and what we can do. The 2 of Swords acknowledges that we feel stuck. There are choices in front of us that may feel over whelming or scary. The Empress is Divine Feminine. Whether you are male or female, we all have access to Divine Feminine energy. Feminine and Masculine both run through us naturally. Sometimes these energies get stuck or blocked. The Empress comes up to ask you to take a look at how you view the Divine Feminine. It is also the card of fertility, nurturing and motherhood. We can tap into this energy by doing something creative. You don’t have to be a master artist to do art the important thing is the process. 3 of Pentacles is success in endeavors and the value of collaboration and collective energy. Maybe taking an art class, cooking class or cooking a meal for a group, group hike or anything that gets you out of your comfort zone while still in an area of life you enjoy doing is going to be a good move for you.

Maple Tree- Good Fortune, Signs of Welcome Change, Dramatic Changes

There is a change coming that is so big it will shift all that exists.

Your higher self chose this card because it is a gloriously happy one that brings with it much improved circumstances and bliss. When you receive Maple tree you can expect dramatic change, good fortune and a positive resolution to your situation. It may feel like the universe is shining down on you and offering an unusual amount of good luck and well wishes.

Take advantage of this happy energy while you can. Now is a good time to focus on taking action and manifesting dreams. If you have felt stagnant, receiving this card is a sign that your situation will begin to move forward and will resolve in your favor. Be on the lookout for different or increased opportunities, a financial windfall, meeting someone new who has great potential to be more, a sudden revival of a relationship or career or a greater sense of confidence, strength and creative expression. This card also serves a ‘Yes!’ and is your confirmation that the path you have inquired about is the right one to take.

Be sure to be generous with what you have. There’s no need to give away your life savings or renounce material possessions in the pursuit of charity unless that is what you feel called to do, but sharing our good favor helps to extend the happy period. The more light you send into the world the more you can expect in return.

Skull of Light – Illumination

We can stay in the dark

Exist only in the midnight hours

But shining the torch

The victory is ours

As the famous psychotherapist Jung suggested, knowing our own darkness helps us cope with the darkness of others. Taking the time to ‘know thyself’ and to seek understanding of our more destructive or shadow natures can lead to huge happiness and less anxiety.

The idea of being shown the way, in the most difficult of times and always knowing that we are never alone in the darkness are the keys to this magical element. Light is usually a comforting thing, yet, sometimes we do not really want to see the boogie man under the bed! It is too scary, too big and we know not how to defeat it. Yet, by simply shining the torch upon such darkness, the victory is ours.

Should the Skull of Light enter your life, know that it is time to open yourself fully to the clarity of bright illumination. Allow yourself to be seen, to see and to act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending and for swallowing our discomfort by accepting the status gup when it really doesn’t suit us.

Seduction – Passion, Manipulation

Hear the roaring flames with the masterful trance that calls upon heaving chest. Give in to its alluring grip IF YOU PLEASE but heed my warning of the claws that draw blood without mercy.

Sex is the ultimate in desire and temptation. It is not the act of sex that betrays our resolve. It is the delicious journey of passion and pleasure that leads to it. It is the rush of excitement we feel when another can sense our darkest desires and bring them to the surface. It is the loss of control, the desire to at once find freedom and submission.

The act of seduction is powerful. It is birthed in passion and sensuality. But beware: seduction is rarely as it seems. It can also be an act of manipulation. It is the rose that promises you much only to leave you pierced with thorns.

Beware the sweet song of seduction when it comes into your spread. Are a few moments of pleasure worth a lifetime of regret? This card reminds you of the consequences found on the road of temptation. Are you allowing others to manipulate you with grand schemes that are too good to be true?

It is time to break temptation’s hold. It feels good to feel moments of love, acceptance, perhaps abundance or fun but be mindful of the cost of such moments. These experiences are free. You do not have to sacrifice your morals, values or integrity to make another person happy. If someone asks you to do something that feels wrong, know that it probably is. Trust your intuition and follow your heart when temptation comes knocking.

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