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Tarot for the End of August

Temperance is the card of alchemy. It is the card of mixing things together to make something new. The 3 of Pentacles in Reverse is suggesting that what you have been trying up until now may not have been working out the way you want it to. This being the 3 of pentacles indicates that the reason this may not be working is because of the people you are around and/or trying to collaborate with. The Ace of Pentacles is suggesting that you start over and do this on your own. What this reading is saying to me is that you have something that you are trying to make work or maybe even something you are trying to learn and the people around you are making it harder, not easier. This doesn’t mean that you just need to ditch everyone….although sometimes that is the case, we all need to cocoon sometimes. This just means that you have to pull back your expectations about what the people in your life are actually capable of contributing. Sometimes you just want someone to encourage you and that just isn’t in their emotional toolkit so you have to encourage yourself. You are strong enough to do this on your own.

3rd Harvest – Daughters of the woods, feel thy sacred swell with suppleness. Taste the gathering of honey’s milk filling your emptiness.

Samhain served as a practical holiday that told our ancestors to prepare for the coming of winter. The third harvest was a time to gather up the remainder of crops to prepare and store them to have enough food to last the harsh conditions. The last of the wheat would be ground to flour, the remains of fruits and vegetables would be pickled and canned and meats salted. Everything with a shelf life was stored in underground cellars and packed with ice.

Though winters might be harsh and gathering up food is hard work, there is a feeling of abundance and pride in getting prepared. Imagine looking at your food stores and seeing a physical representation of your work. Imagine seeing the abundant rewards of planting your seeds and nourishing them as they grow.

We are lucky that we no longer have to face these conditions in the modern world. Refrigerators and grocery stores make it easy for us to have food all year long. Perhaps that is why the overall idea of preparation is no longer important to us.

Black Cat – Fortune Meets Opportunity

Sleek and black and lantern-eyed

Crosses your path with a hiss

Good luck and fortune

Sweep by with a kiss.

In traditional folklore, cats were said to have one foot in this world and one in the next. They were the conduit between the underworld and this world and fortune and opportunity.

In the times of the Inquisition) the Middle Ages), cats were hunted because they were said to be allies of evil entities such as devils and witches. Black cats (black being associated with the darker aspects of the supernatural) were especially singled out. Historians believe this unprecedented killing of the cats in the name of eradicating evil led to an unchecked increase in the rat population which was responsible for the bubonic plague and the death of millions of people.

These days, in Germany for example, a black cat passing one’s path indicates impending misfortune. Yet, in ancient Britain they were considered good luck and were even given to brides on their wedding day. In Japan, to this day, they are considered very good luck and bringers of fortune.

Should the slinky black cat cross your path through this oracle, know that good luck and fortune will be meeting you promptly. Also know that your luck will be even ‘luckier’ if you are prepared to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.

Toad – Observe, for those who watch see all.

Your higher self chose this card because you are being guided to take a more laid-back approach to achieving your goals. Toads are passive in their hunt, they are happy to wait for their meal to find them, while staying perfectly still, watching and waiting, until the moment is just right to strike. There’s wisdom in the way this creature finds its prey, wisdom that is greatly needed in your situation.

Attempting to force your desired outcome may backfire and your prey will slip away. Toad is confirmation that what you’re seeking is nearby but you might have missed it, chasing the wrong path or focusing on one outcome. If you find you are frustrated, tired or disappointed from a lack of results, perhaps it’s time to trust in a higher power and wait patiently for the circumstances to be just right. You will know the right moment to take action.

This card could also be asking you to be aware of your situation. Perhaps more information is needed or something significant is about to occur that could drastically change your point of view. It would be unwise to make any decisions just yet. For now, accept what is and more will soon be revealed.

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