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Mabon Tarot 2023

The 8 of Wands and the 2 of Swords together is an interesting pairing. The 8 of Wands suggests forward movement and things coming into alignment. The 2 of Swords suggests that there may be some conflict with this. Maybe things are moving forward in a direction that is wanted but in ways that you didn’t expect. Maybe it’s a struggle in knowing the things you want to happen but aren’t sure with the right things to do or say to make that happen. The 2 of Swords is suggesting a fear of moving forward. The 7 of Swords in Reverse suggests imposter syndrome, self-deceit and keeping secrets.

What this reading feels like is that you have this idea of what you want, and things are starting to align in a direction that you want to go. There is fear showing up and this could be a fear of things not turning out the way you expect or want them to. So now there are choices that feel heavy and confusing. Swords represent air and communication and the 7 of swords in reverse represent self-deception. So, what are we not being truthful about with about ourselves? Perhaps it is time to have a sit down with ourselves, check in, and see what thoughts or actions are no longer serving us. The 7 of Swords here is a call to personal responsibility. What is it that we need to do or not do in life to align with our authentic self? We can’t control other people or every situation that happens to us. Many of us struggle with controlling our own thoughts and actions but that is where the work really is. We can get mad at the world and curse our position, or we can use this as a check in and restart. We can always reset and restart.

This also makes sense with the equinox being this week. The days will grow shorter and colder, the darkness and cold will be bringing us back to the center of our homes. This is a good time to clear both mental and physical clutter. Start creating the connections back to ourselves so we create the light we need from within.

TobaccoPurification, Connecting to the Spirits or Ancestors, Respect

Feed your ancestors, raise the sacred smoke to them, for they are hungry to connect.

Your higher self chose this card because it’s a request form the ancestors or spirits with whom you are most comfortable to approach them and the people in your life with more respect and humility. Offering tobacco is a sign of respect and connection for the ancestors in many cultures. Perhaps it’s heard about most often in Native American traditions, but it is also a common practice for many peoples from Africa, South America, the Caribbean and southern United States.

When you greet the spirits that support your path, remember they can see things that you cannot, they can make space where you have faced walls, they can lift you up and carry you over difficult terrain and they know answers to important questions you haven’t even thought of. There are people in your life who also have value and can fill in the blanks with a new perspective that you have not considered. What your situations requires is an open mind and to acknowledge your limited knowledge or understanding in your situation.

Emily BrontëFantasyDwelling, Indulging, Hiding in Fantasy

DollIllusion, Old Wounds, Childhood

Emily Brontë (1818 – 1848) spent her uneventful life at the family home on the moors. She created fantasy worlds with her brilliant sisters (Charlotte and Anne), brushed the carpet, and took walks in the hills. After her death of tuberculosis at the age of 30, she achieved posthumous fame for Withering Heights, a vicious novel of romance between two isolated, stormy characters – Catherine and Heathcliff.

SpiderMystery, Growth

What a wild web we weave, dear child, a delicious mystery untamed.

Spider is one of the ultimate animal manifesters; however, she doesn’t go out and force what she wants. She doesn’t obsess over when she’ll catch something in her weave. She casts her net and allows the powers that be the time and space to bring something into her web. True manifestation isn’t about wishing; it’s about planting your seeds and trusting them to grow into something worthwhile.

Spider has come crawling into your spread to remind you to cast your weave then give it time to catch your prey. Spirit is asking you to give the ‘wish me a car’ stuff a break. Set your intentions but then let them go. Don’t obsess about how long it’s taking your intention to come to life or your spell to work. Focusing on getting your way only draws attention to the fact that you do not have it. That is the space where doubt creeps in and doubt is the destroyer of magic.

Trying to take control of how something will come to you may be the very thing that keeps your goal from happening. Remember, the powers that be are smarter than you. They know all, see all, and know the best path to take. It might take longer, but what if you discovered something you didn’t even know you needed or wanted along the way?


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