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*10/10* October 10th 2023 Reading

These 6 cards jumped out of the deck. I always take pop out cards into consideration, but this entire reading just wanted to jump out so here we go.

The Reversed 5 of Staffs is talking about inner conflict or conflict avoidance. With the Page of Swords in the reverse position I tend to feel that it is the latter. The Page of Swords in the reverse position expresses all talk and no action. The Sun in Reverse is also telling me that this might be a time where you are just generally feeling down. Is there something important that needs to be done but you are nervous of the outcome? Is there something being asked of you that you want to say no but aren’t. The Sun in Reverse in this reading feels like gray skies. Something to remember is even though the sky is gray, the sun is still the sun. The clouds do not take away the sunshine just as conflict does not change your inner goodness. This is also a calling from your inner child so this may be a conflict that you have dealt with in cycles and shape shifts for a very long time, which may be why you are avoiding it. This is the type of reading that calls for clarification and solutions.

The Queen of Swords is a card that asks you to take a step back and look at things from an unbiased point of view. She asks that you balance the logical mind with the emotional mind and you may need to sit a minute to get those evened out which is what the 4 of Swords is saying to do. The 4 of Swords comes after conflict or challenge. We have been so conditioned that we need to pick ourselves up and keep going when what we really need to do is have a good cry on the couch and eat comfort food under a blanket. That is the solution. Sit. Be still. Talk to your inner child and ask what they need from you and give it to them. The first thing that pops up. You may not be able to hear it very well if you haven’t talked to your inner child in a while or ever. You have to let them know that they are okay and safe with you. That you are there to help. Listen to whatever comes up with love and compassion. Sometimes it’s so simple, the things that come up. I want a flower, ice cream, to be barefoot, etc. It’s not just your imagination; that is you trying to communicate with you. There are some cultures where there is no such thing as imagination, it is all real. If you can imagine it, it is real. That is also how we manifest. This is where the Ace of Staffs will be waiting for you with new inspiration, new opportunities, growth and potential.

Autumn – In the autumn the fairies dash about checking to make sure that all the leaves are falling. Sometimes a leaf needs a little nudge and the fairies are happy to oblige! The fairies have a lot to do before they can rest in winter. For us humans, autumn is about letting go. Just like the trees retract their sap in the winter, we retract our energy. The autumn card tells you to store your energy up for yourself right now! Feel your energies beginning to collect around you and pull them inward close to your body. Conserve energy! If you have drawn this card you are being told to let go of the old habits and ideas that tend to take up energy that can be better used elsewhere. It is a time of sorting. A time to release old ‘stuff’ and see what is truly precious to you, and what you really want to keep in your life. This may be a time of weeding out, so that you can do the prep work for a new project in your life. If your energy feels lower, don’t panic. Flow with nature’s cycles and rest and relax. Autumn offers us magical qualities that inspire reflection and thinking. Go deeper down into your roots to reflect on where your life is going and where you want it to go. It is also a good time to do some writing or journaling. This may be a day for you to just curl up under a quilt with a good movie and a hot cup of tea!

I go to that deep place within myself.

I experience moving down into the center of my being.

A deep calmness fills my body and soul.

I am still, yet very much alive! I feel my heart beating in a strong, stead, rhythm.

I am here for myself.

So be it!

Kali pronounced (kah’lee), the Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction, is the animating force of Shiva, the destroyer (Lord of the Dance). She is the insatiable hunger of time that births then devours. Skulls, cemeteries, and blood are all associated with her worship. Kali’s energy is uncontrollable. After killing 2 demons, she got drunk on their blood and began dancing on their dead flesh. She danced herself into a frenzy until she realized she almost danced Shiva to death.

Kali has begun her dance in your life to tell you it is time to face your fears. All that is lurking ominously, either buried deep in your inner darkness or close by, needs to be stared in the eye and brought into the light of consciousness. Are your fears serving you by warning you about dangerous places, things or people? Or do your fears prevent you from dancing your dance, living your life, creating with Creation? Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed s part of the whole Dance of Creation. Wholeness is nurtured when you reclaim the pieces of yourself that you’ve given over to fear. Most fears are formless. By naming and witnessing the fear, you gain power. Wholeness is created when you learn to acknowledge your fears and walk through them.

BroomWhat dreams may come from what you seek; make room, make way! A clearing need be.

A broom or a besom can be found in any home for sweeping dust and dirt. However, a broom to a witch is more than a simple household tool. It holds a special significance and sweeps more than dust and dirt away.

Brooms are often used to sweep away negative energy in a similar way to Native Americans burning white sage. It sweeps away the physical and invisible energies that have crept inform the outside world. This clearing of energy contributes to a witch’s wellbeing. Clearing out the old and dusty, a witch makes space for the new. Sweeping out negative energy, a witch raises her vibration and therefore her strength.

When the Broom sweeps into your life you are being guided to do some cleaning. Some things surrounding your current situation have been neglected. You need to clear out this dust of the past. This card can also mean clearing your aura. As healers, we tend to hold on to the energy of others for much longer than we need. It’s important to do regular purification rituals to keep your aura nice and tide.

The more you clear out the old, the more you make room for new energies to come into your life. Removing things both physical or metaphorical from your life, such as mementos from past relationships or giving away things that remind you of old situation, helps with that process of clearing.

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