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Sound Healing Solo

Private Sound Energy Healing Experience

  • 1 hour
  • 60 US dollars
  • Client's place of choice within 30 miles of Cleveland, OH, or online anywhere

Service Description

A private sound healing session is like a massage for the soul. Each session is a unique experience. Sound healing is meant to cleanse and clear out stagnant energy that tends to be carried in the body. Sound healing works with the chakras and frequencies to clear out blocked energy and attune our body back to its natural vibration. Certain notes work with certain chakras to bring them back into alignment quickly. The chakra can be worked with through other modalities such as diet, crystals, color and light therapy, physical activity and many other ways. Sound healing works rapidly to bring the chakras back to their natural vibration by using instruments that are in tune with those frequencies. Everything on this planet has a certain frequency: The plants, the people, the planet itself.  There are sounds that are powerful enough to bring our internal frequencies back to regulation. The crystal bowls, gongs, rattles, and many more instruments create vibrations powerful enough to transmit their frequencies through the human body and clear out energetic blockages. Each sound healing experience will be different from session to session and from individual to individual. The many benefits of sound healing include: - Calms your body and mind. - Reduces stress and anxiety. - Increases focus and clarity. - Decreases tension and fatigue. - Boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger. - Improves sleep. - Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being.

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