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Weekly Tarot May 9th - May 15th

The Magician is the first major manifestation card. It is a card that carries all of the elements within itself. It is a solitary card and a callback to your personal power. It is a reminder that you create your reality and have the ability to manifest the life you desire. The 3 of Pentacles is a card of new opportunities. This is a representation of achieving your goals and that you are on the path to completion. Pairing the 3 of Pentacles with the Magician is a double reminder to keep putting in the work and the effort. The Hermit is coming in as a personal mastery card. This is a high vibrational card and also carries the energy of completing a goal and transitioning to the next phase in your life. The Hermit may be calling you to tie up some loose ends before moving to the next quest. The Hermit is about leveling up spiritually and mentally so you may have been working on yourself and creating the version of you that aligns with your highest self. All 3 of these cards are saying that you are on the exact right path of doing that.

Turtle – Turtle spirit arrives to remind you that when you do what you need to do, putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that you will see your intentions manifest in perfect timing, your prosperity and love will grow exponentially. Now is not the time to rush around trying to force matters. Move slowly, perhaps even so slowly that it almost feels as if you are not moving at all! This may be time to crawl before walking, taking your time to align to Turtle Spirit’s place as you contemplate this road you are on, doing what you need to do in this small moment that will soon pass.

Turtle spirit reminds you that sometimes the best action is to slow right down, so if it feels as if you are not doing enough, know that simply being aware of what is happening right now may be an important step toward determining whether you need to pivot or simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. “True love and true success comes with Patience,” says Turtle spirit. Focus on the now, and the next step will be clear.

Jewel of the Sea – The mysteries of the sea expand our awareness into the mysteries of life. The sea is a reminder that there is much we still do not know about our own world. Allow yourself to open up to the unknown and to explore the depths. Dive deeply into the adventure of life. Do not sit on the sidelines. Become an active participant. Get out and begin the journey now. Read and study the ancient knowledge and learn to tap into the wisdom that is all around you. Become aware in all that you do. At the same time know that the world and your life are unfolding as they should. Let this mermaid guide youto the jewels that lie within. Water is representative of the astral water…the stuff from which all life is formed. It is our essence. Earthly water is used as a sacrament to bless us. Salt water purifies and heals. The seas are deep and mysterious just as is our essential beings. There is much we do not know about the sea and about ourselves. If you could journey to the very depths of your being, what treasures would you find? The journey is there for you to take. And a blessed journey it is! Go ahead…find the jewels that live within your depths. Bring them to the surface to examine and to hold up to the light of day. It is in this light that you are able to see all the facets that await your exploration. See how beautifully they reflect! Every time that you immerse yourself in water, whether for bathing or swimming, visualize its purifying and healing properties sinking deep into your aura and body. If you are showering, visualize any negative thoughts and feel them washing right off your body and pouring down the drain. There, they can be transmuted into creative energy for good, by Mother Earth.

Mother, Father God…allow that which dwells within me

to expand and to grow in knowledge and in wisdom.

Show me the mysteries that you have placed around and within me,

And help me to understand their meaning and their message.

Guide me on my journey and help me to stay attuned to my path.

As I journey, I know that I am safe in your arms

And that you will light the way for me.

So be it!

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