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Weekly Tarot May 30 - June 5

The Chariot followed by the Lovers signifies moving forward in relationships. The 10 of Pentacles adds to this dynamic pair stating that moving forward would be beneficial for everyone. The Chariot is all about forward motion, motivation and action. The Lovers represent love, harmony, choices. The 10 of Pentacles is about family, wealth and financial security. This could mean moving forward in a romantic relationship. It could also mean moving forward with a business partnership. Either way, the Chariot is saying to move forward and the 10 of Pentacles is saying that whatever this move is for you will be putting you on a path for long term success.

Flamingo Spirit – Embrace the In Between

Balance comes easily to Flamingo Spirit, who sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face of uncertainty. You can be informed by what came before and plan for a future yet to be, but do not resist Flamingo Spirit’s call to be fully present in the now, where the real magic happens. With one foot in the life you are moving away from and one in the future as you become one who leads the life of your higher intentions, you must make peace with the fact that you are not fully in either place. Embrace the in between! The presence of Flamingo Spirit is also a sign that your creativity is arising within you and opportunities are beginning to present themselves. Remain here in a balanced state of mind, for there is much to know and learn before going forward with new plans. You can trust this moment and yourself as you take in what you see and become aware of all that you are experiencing in this in between time.

Thrive-Briety – Tolerance

Daniel stands with what first looks like a devil and an angel on each shoulder, but as you look closer, you see a line of ancestors on each side stretching out into infinity. The cannabis plant oracle debuts a blue road of smoke to the volcano bag in hand and messages flow through the smoke from the ancestors. A giant sycamore tree stands tall, as an anchor, while Daniel sits stoically below it. Sobriety reminds us of the thousands who lived before us in order to live. Daniel holds a feather from an eagle which symbolizes a protection from the source. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who believed and kept the faith for future generations. How do you pass on your legacy? How will you break free from the energies that want you to remain trapped in “the norm”? Call on your ancestors through the great blue road of smoke and shake off the demons of addictions in all forms.

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