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Weekly Tarot January 9 2024

This reading has a feeling of stepping into personal power. The 9 of Wands speaks to the amount that we have overcome to get to this point.  This is a reminder that we are resilient and courageous. I believe this is a reminder that we are at a point where we have faith. We know that no matter what kinds of challenges have been put in front of us we have overcome them because we have faith. Faith in both ourselves and in something larger than ourselves knowing that no matter what happens, we can get through or have already gotten through this and are leading the way for others to follow. The King of Cups is emotionally balanced, compassionate and diplomatic. The Queen of Wands is about courage, confidence, independence, determination and is also a social butterfly. I think these cards are encouragement to keep being yourself. Keep going in the direction you are going because it is making you feel like the most you-est version of yourself.  You may have had challenges to get this far, and you may still have challenges to come but you are at a point where you know that you are you and you are okay no matter what comes along.


She Feels, She Knows

An illumination is erupting from within you as a vision that is bringing what was once obscured into clarity. This is not likely to happen as a blinding, shocking insight, but as more of a softer, gentle knowing. It is like knowing something without understanding exactly when or how you came to know it.

This insight will assist you and you are asked to honor it. You will know which insight it is at the right time. Your heart will tell you. You are therefore being asked to rely upon the clarity that is coming to you now or has just recently come. Gently, but firmly, from that place of knowing, intend to act and take your next steps forward.

This oracle comes to you with guidance, particularly about long-range or long-term developments. Something that is far bigger than the immediate situation, issue or moment is of importance – although you will only have a dim sense of that possibility, at best. The situation you find yourself in right now may not be one of joy, but I n time you will understand more of the bigger picture. You will come to see why things are happening as they are, and how you are being helped on to the next stage of your path – even though it may look like an obstacle right now.

You are being asked to think in terms of long-term happiness. Sometimes this warrants change or even temporary restriction in the short term. If you can’t see how the present can possibly become what you sense the future to be, this message is especially relevant: “Through the natural process of transformation, great leaps are indeed possible.” You simply must be prepared to surrender into the process with absolute trust.

This oracle brings you specific guidance. The situations in your current life are particularly geared towards a more significant manifestation that is coming to you, according to your life path and purpose. This is a stage of preparation and of building a foundation that will hold you strong and centered as your creative journey unfolds and your life path becomes ever more brilliant and luminous. So keep plugging away, remain patient but most of all, be hopeful and trust in the light you sense ahead of you, for it is the light that is within you, simply revealed more fully. And all that is happening now is happening to that end.


Lalita – The Red Goddess

Playfulness is a spiritual power.

Laughter leads me back to the light

Lalita represents the spontaneity that graces a heavy moment and reminds us that joy is a powerful spiritual practice. Lalita Tripura Sundari is a Hindu deity known as the red goddess because of her connection to desire. She is often depicted sitting on a lotus with 16 petals known as the: fulfiller of all desires.” She is holding a golden bow that represents the mind and five golden arrows that represent the five senses. And the ancient devotional text dedicated to her, the Lalita Sahasranamam, is a list of her 1,000 names that fulfills all of the desires of a devotee simply through its recitation.

One of Lalita’s many names is “she who plays.” The Sanskrit word lila means ”divine play.” Lalita loves when her devotees are able to move beyond dualities, to the point where we are not separate from what we desire She loves puja, or ritual worship, for this reason because it moves us from out of our ideas and thoughts of the divine and into our hearts, where we can experience the divine directly.

Lalita is known for her spontaneity and for liberating her devotees with joy. She’s the consciousness that comes when we get so caught up in taking ourselves seriously that we forget the (profound) simple pleasures like sunlight on our face, or the taste of a ripe strawberry. She’s the delicious moment when we remember that we don’t have to take everything, especially ourselves, so seriously. We don’t have to be perfect, or know the right mudras, or yoga poses, or chant for hours on end. What’s divine is inherent in s, it’s remembered, not learned.

Answers arrive from disengaging with the energy that created the problem or question to begin with. We so often hold tight to what we desire with a grip that actually inhibits it from arriving. And we often take the soul by the collar and demand to know an answer right now. But when a desire is an imperative there’s an inability to be playful, imaginative, and childlike with how and when that desire will arrive.

The secret to desire is holding it lightly. The secret that the red goddess knows is that we already have everything we desire. So we can trust that what the soul craves is and always has been ours. This is the levity that sparks a shift, a change, an expansion – this is the moment that we remember we are not separate from what we desire or from the divine. Lalita is that brilliant moment in a fight between lovers or friends when suddenly someone mispronounces a word and both crack up laughing. She’s the levity that comes when we loosen our death-like grip on what we think we desire. She’s the gorgeous, much needed reminder that we don’t have to suffer our way to what we want most. The path to what we desire and to becoming the soul we need to be in order to receive it can be paved with joy, with divine play, and with a sacred process of lightening up all along the way.

Soul Voice Meditation – How can I add more playfulness to my life right now?

Intention – Playfulness is a spiritual power. Laughter leads me back to the light.

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