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Weekly Tarot February 20 2024

The Page cards bring the sense of passion. The Page of Pentacles brings passion in earthly practical matters like learning a new skill or getting practice in mastering a hobby that you are passionate about. This is a good time to decide where you want to focus and direct your energy to what you want out of this life. There is something about this that the Star says will feel renewing and provide a sense of purpose and peace. The Star also suggests that this may have to do with faith and spirituality. Just do the things that you want without worrying about the result. Do the action steps with a sense of love and joy, that is the only thing that matters. This will feel very rewarding. The 9 of wands also talks about resilience. This could be something that you have felt called to do for a while and may have been stifled out too soon. You are now finding the opportunities to put time and energy towards it and it is going to turn out so wonderfully.


Nu Kua – Order

At the time of what the Hopei and Shansi people of northern China call the Great Chaos in the universe, Nu Kua (pronounced noo’kwah), the dragon-bodied Goddess, came to restore order. She replaced the pillars of heaven with the legs of the great turtle and repaired the sky with colored stones. Her repairs enabled the rains to fall when needed and the seasons to come in their rightful order.

Nu Kua floats into your life to assist you in creating order. Is chaos constantly peering around the edges of your life, threatening to overwhelm you if you relax for an instant? Have you let things pile up and bury you? Do you find you are excellent at organizing your boss, your family, your mate, but not yourself? Are you afraid of order in your life, but in a way that is stifling and stiff, solid, heavy, engraved in stone? Now is the time to nurture yourself with order that assists rather than chokes your life force. Nu Kua says that when life is ordered in the natural way, you nurture your path to wholeness. When you forcibly impose something unnatural from without, you create rebellion and resistance.

Attitude – If you have the Attitude card you can be sure there is a message here for you. Take a close look at the way you interact with others. Stand up for your rights and your ideals but also honor other people’s positions. What appears obvious to you may not be so obvious to another person. Go deep within yourself and ask, “What is it that I need to observe within myself?” We can choose to act or react to any situation. Do you fly off the handle when confronted with a difficult lesson? Or do you take a deep breath, center yourself, and consider what would be the best course of action? It is important to listen to the inner voice that knows that Spirit wants the best for you. Just ask for help and remember that every problem comes with its own solution. Your own inner-self will be glad to whisper the solution to you. Sometimes it comes in words or thoughts of insight. Other times it comes as a message that urges you to have faith that the Universe is moving energy around in order to manifest the perfect outcome. This is an exercise in trust and faith. Listen to all that you say and think all day long. Whenever a negative or judgmental thought comes in, immediately replace it with a positive thought. Remember, what you focus on is what you attract into your life, so carefully choose what kind of life you want. The simple act of placing a smile on your face generates a chemical change within your body that brings about happier feelings. Others will also react to you in a way that reflects how you present yourself to them. Remember to avoid judgments of yourself, others or situations. Gather the facts, ask for divine help, and then listen for the next course of action.

Mother, Father, God,

Help me to see what I need to see

and to release what I need to release.

Help me to see within the mirror,

clearly and with insight into my inner being.

Assist me with being forgiving of myself and others,

so that I may live the happiest and most successful life possible.

So be it!


Defend to the End, The Worthwhile

Beneath the illusions, pretty as they may seem, you know what is real. Beneath the lies, sweet though they may sound, you know what is worthwhile. All that is genuinely and truly essential for the hearth to throb with life is worthwhile. Anything that dulls it or suffocates its vibrant aliveness, must be questioned, challenged, and more than likely, cast aside, for the heart is our key to living an authentic life. What is there once that is compromised? Without its foundation of truth, we are to be forever lost in confusion, doubt and despair.

You are a sacred warrior – a defender of the heart. You have cried genuine tears of your own grief, and also the grief of the world. You have raged at injustice and oppression in your own presence of love, for whilst it is exceptionally powerful, it can be too easily be smothered under lies and fear. The sacred warrior must not heed the dangerous voices that say, “Oh, stop being so sensitive! Stop making such a big deal out of things!” Love is the biggest deal there is. What else is worth being so sensitive about? The sacred warrior is vigilant that the presence of love is not chipped away by fear, criticism, doubt or untruths. Even if others find the unflinching honesty of your feelings difficult to handle, even if those feelings are expressed  with gentleness and compassion, the sacred warrior honors the task of being more faithful to love, than to anything else. This includes the fear of loss. Actually, it includes the fear of anything at all.

This oracle brings guidance to honor even the smallest steps in your path of the sacred warrior. They are no less important than the more noticeable or dramatic actions on the path. One single misstep can begin a landslide of great devastation. Being vigilant with what is meaningful and what is truthful, even in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant ways, strengthens the sacred warrior and prevents darkness from gaining a stronghold from the inside. That darkness will be intelligent and sneaky. It will tell you that it doesn’t matter, that this one time you can forget what you promised, that you are just one person and that you can’t make a difference anyway. That darkness will lure you into a sleepy ambivalence and dull your light, if you all it to. The sacred warrior within will fight with love and honor to be true to what has meaning, and never, ever allow it to be cast aside – even if it seems easier in the moment. The sacred warrior finds joy and humor in life, to prevent the seriousness of the task from stifling the heart that just wants to live and be free. That joy brings strength to the warrior and an expanded, relaxed awareness that can sense the presence of fear (whether it is masked as anger, hate or doubt) and immediately respond to it with fierce compassion. The sacred warrior will not allow fear to gain a stronghold within the heart.

This oracle has special guidance for you. You are being asked to stay strong and stand your ground. This might be in a big emotional journey that feels like the fight of your life. It may be in a matter that does not seem to hold much importance. Perhaps, for example, you are contemplating an idea that you feel could be something, but those around you declare it is nothing much, too impractical, too little or too much. However, what is happening or soon will be happening, is worthwhile. So, hold tight! Ask for help through the healing process below, stay true to the sacred warrior of love that you are and defend to the end all that is worthwhile.



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