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Weekly Tarot April 18 - 24

8 of Pentacles, Judgement, 6 of Cups.

These cards are showing up because it is time to work. It is time to put in the effort for the outcome that you are looking for. Take a look at your life and reflect on the areas that seem to be the most out of balance. This is not an activity to create self-pity, this is an activity to shine light on the things in your life that need your attention. 8 of Pentacles is all about the work. It is all about dedication, putting in time and effort and working toward mastery. Judgement is all about the outcome of those efforts. It is also very focused on where your intention is. Are you doing this because you feel like you have to? Are you doing the things for selfish reasons? Pay attention to why you are doing what you are doing. 6 of Cups brings in happiness, nostalgia, comfort, freedom, safety. It can also bring in stagnation if we are not paying attention. Our ego wants us to be a little too safe and take the easy path. Sometimes, we have to start from the beginning at things that we were once an expert at doing. It takes some humbling, grace, and patience when this happens. It is time to put the effort in and stay consistent. Consistency is so much more powerful than force. You are enough right now, you are enough while you are working on your stuff and you are enough when you reach your goal. Each step you take is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Fox Spirit – Think on your feet. Be alert now, for Fox Spirit has appeared, and you are meant to move swiftly. Let this clever spirit draw out your creativity as you adjust to rapidly changing circumstances with resilience, grace, and astuteness. Fox Spirit helps you to think on your feet, using your best judgement and wits to help you slip into a more advantageous situation. Now is not a time to hesitate but a time for swift action of the mind, a time to think outside the box and notice the many ways in which you might make a move, aware of your surroundings and always clear on what you deserve and wish to co-create. Trust that your cleverness, guided by Fox Spirit, will serve you well.

Protection message: Are you camouflaging yourself to avoid intimacy? Perhaps you are being too clever for your own good and playing games to protect yourself. Being dishonest with yourself or others can become isolating and create obstacles to true connection. Fox Spirit calls you to be attuned to what is happening within you and around you so that your quick thinking and creativity can lead you to better relationships and situations. You are called to use your Fox Spirit beneficially rather than in ways that keep you from experiencing what you want. Or perhaps right now you are realizing that a situation is trickier than it appears on the surface, and you are afraid to make a move in case it turns out to be a mistake. Fox Spirit is here to remind you that when you are in alignment with the Great Spirit, the answers and solutions can come quickly and you can trust them. Don’t overthink a situation in order to avoid the challenge of facing a difficult truth. Fox Spirit’s creative nature will always be there to guide you and help you move quickly into better circumstances.

New Moon Aquarius – Bring love into the situation. Aquarius is all about progress and modernity, so this is a time to move forwards. The New Moon in Aquarius card means ‘No looking back!’ Change is on its way and it could come quickly. Whether you get the change you want depends both on whether you believe you can have it and how much you’re relying on others to bring it to you. This card comes with the suggestion that you may need to do things independently, on your own. But be loving – not too pragmatic! Time may be of the essence when this card comes up – Aquarius energy has an electric feel to it. Certainly there is a sense that you need to let go of the past and move towards your future as soon as possible.

Attune to the Moon - Explore the idea that it’s not what you know but whom you know.

Additional meanings for this card:

*You need to be more detached from this situation.

*Thinking outside the box will bring the solution.

*More pragmatism is called for.

*Improve your karma by doing some charitable work.

The teaching: Aquarius is the sign of invention, modern advances and technology, and humanity. Its energy is a little brittle – it’s individual, scientific even, and relatively emotionally detached. Many people think Aquarius is a water sign because the Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer, but it’s actually an air sign and is far more about intellect than the emotional water signs – as is this card, no matter when you draw it. Dropping convention works well with this energy.

When I let others shine, I shine too. – Women all over the world are rising up, shining brighter and letting their voice be heard. As sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and lovers, we can celebrate our differences while strengthening our inherent sameness: intuition, creativity, receptivity, courage, nurturing, sensuality, wisdom, healing, understanding, and our connection to the moon .You are a vital part of this rise. Encourage others to shine bright and give yourself permission to do the same. When you admire another person, it’s a reflection of your own beauty and potential. Choose to be inspired by her light and send a warm smile her way. Comparison is toxic, dulls your shine, and sends out a message of inadequacy. Instead, recognize that you are family and witness each other’s divinity with love. You will instantly uplift you both while increasing your own freedom and magnetism.

Ritual – Praise Practice

When we openly and sincerely acknowledge our admiration for another, we affirm the power of connection and dissolve the illusion of competition. This ritual will build confidence and radiance for both you and others.

*For seven consecutive days, starting today, vocally share your admiration for another woman. Do this at least once a day. Speak to and be present with the specific woman you’re admiring.

*Challenge yourself to mix it up between strangers, family, friends and colleagues. (As an additional bonus, include yourself in the mix!)

*Are you inspired by her style, her art, her smile, her beauty, her words, her vibe, or her achievements? Gracefully let her know. Be centered and genuine as you speak. Notice the energy lift in the air afterwards.

*Embrace this healthy and supportive approach towards women and sisterhood as you vocalize your admiration. This will make you both shine!

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