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Weekly Tarot 3/7/23-3/13/23 Full Moon Virgo

Reversed Knight of Swords is saying that there is energy in your life that is overwhelming in a way that feels like excessive nit picking. This is very know-it-all energy. There is a person in your life that feels like a rain on your parade. Maybe they don’t mean to be, maybe they think they are being helpful, but that isn’t what it feels like to you. The Knight of Cups is coming in to offer relief from this heavy mental energy. This may be a time or moment in your life where you are discovering that the people in your life that aren’t encouraging may not be worth as much of your attention. This may be a time of self-love, self-care and reflection to learn how to really love yourself the way that you wish you have always been loved. This may be an opportunity to connect with your inner child to give that love to yourself on a very deep level. You are being guided to listen to your heart at this time. Reversed Devil is also encouraging in the fact that it is releasing toxic habits, people and places that are no longer serving your higher self. This may be something that you will continue to be tested about but as you learn to love yourself, know yourself and set those boundaries it will become easier and easier to deal with. With the Reverse Devil and Reverse Knight of Swords together this may be a sign of removing a toxic person from your life that you may still have to deal with. This may be a family member, ex-spouse, co-worker. It is a person that you would probably not choose to have in your life if you really thought about it and really had the chance not to. Just remember that you can’t create a relationship with potential, you can only create relationships with what is there. Leading with your heart and intuition will serve you well.

Bring It Into Form – Beautiful dreamer, you can imagine wonderful worlds of light. You can dream up so many possibilities. Now it is time to bring those possibilities of light into the world. They need to be more than ideas. They need to live, to manifest. The world needs not only your dreams, beautiful as they are, but also your creations. Get thee to thy desk! They easel! They computer! Work, beautiful dreamer. Don’t just dream, create!

You are being asked to honor yourself with commitment to complete your inspired tasks. This will help you grow and that is a wonderful reason to commit. But, there is another reason too – you know that your inspired ideas are worth translating into practical forms so that other people can access them and experience something special too.


It's time to be really honest with yourself and understand what's lead you to ask your question. Have you been humble to the point of being self-effacing? Humility is good but it can go too far, and drawing this card suggests you may be underrating yourself. You don't have to be a flash, just quietly certain that you are enough. At the other end of the scale, you also need to honestly answer the question: have you been too picky? The Full Moon in Virgo card needs some truthful answers. Once you've given them, it should be easier to see how you got where you are. Your next step should then be more obvious to you. Pay attention to the details. Hard work brings results.

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