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Weekly Tarot 2/6/23 - 2/12/23

Strength Is coming alongside the Two of Cups in this reading. This is saying that there is something going on with a relationship that needs to be addressed head on. This may be causing fear or anxiety and it may also be causing passive aggressiveness. It is okay to be assertive and express your feelings, thoughts and needs. Strength is also asking you to take a look at what you may be forcing to work and because whatever you are forcing is not going to work out the way you want it to. We have to have the strength to allow what is meant in our lives to be there and let go of what is not. This may be thought patterns and behaviors that are not serving you or the relationship. The Magician says it’s time to think about what it is that we do want in the relationship. A lot of times we tend to think about all of the things that we don’t want and that will only attract more of what we don’t want. The Magician with Strength reminds us that we are strong enough to manifest everything we want in this life, including good relationships. We are the creator of our boundaries, and we are strong enough to hold to them. We are the creator of our part of the vibes in our relationship, if it isn’t aligning, it may be a time to take a look and see if this is really what you want. If it isn’t this, you will be ok. The life you deserve is yours for the making, you just have to be brave and do the next right thing.

Reflections – It’s time to take a look in the mirror. What is that person you are angry at reflecting back at you? What do you need to change within yourself? Often when we have problems with someone, we need to look at what we find disagreeable in that person and check to see if we are carrying that same quality. We cannot recognize something within another person unless we see it within ourselves first. Perhaps you get upset when you see someone cut you off in traffic? You tell yourself that, “I would never do that!” Well, is there another way you may be cutting people off in your life? Maybe when someone wishes to talk to you, you tell them not to bother you? There are many ways that others mirror our behavior back to us. Not all mirroring is negative. You are only able to see something nice in another person if there is something good in you. Ego is that human part of our consciousness. It is the part that is in touch with our external reality. Sometimes it becomes exaggerated. This happens when we have forgotten that we are one with Spirit. When we remember our true identity, then there is no need to falsely inflate our ego self. We know we are intrinsically divine. Our egos become falsely inflated through lack of faith in Spirit. Lack of faith leads to fear and uncertainty…we begin to feel less adequate. When a person is secure within themselves, they will notice that their lives become more and more peaceful and abundant. It is just as it should be.

Oh, mirror of Divinity,

What is it that you reflect to me?

Could it be that I need see,

that which is truly within me.

So be it!

Deflate your ego a bit today.

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