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Weekly Tarot 2/14/23 - 2/21/23

The Reverse Devil and the Death card is all about complete transformation, cleansing, purging, releasing. You may have finally decided to free yourself from ties that have been holding you back. You a sense of freedom which is great! There feels like there is a new beginning and the end of a toxic cycle is coming to an end. A huge transformation is happening. You may have faced some fears, conquered demons, and cut toxic cords. It is great to celebrate this personal victory just be mindful that those old demons can continue to linger or even regain control. These cords are stubborn and difficult to break on your own so just know it is ok to get additional help; it can be too much for one person to handle. Ace of Pentacles represents the beginning of the next stage. It is something that you are ready to invest in and start creating. Investing in yourself and finding out exactly who you are, what you like, what motivates you? This card is about being able to use and do something that feels fulfilling which makes sense if you have let go of the things, habits or people that have been holding you back.

Giraffes stretch upward to reach the treetops and look down from a high vantage point. When giraffe spirit appears, it is a sign to observe from a higher view. In all aspects of your life, it's time to stretch your neck out and broaden your view, open your eyes to what others need or are experiencing, and see the big picture you fit into. No matter how great your wisdom, knowledge, or experience, you don't want to overlook details and connections that will help you better understand yourself and your connections, so stretch yourself. Look beyond what catches your attention at eye level and know that not everything is as obvious as you might like it to be. Spirit will bestow upon you a new perspective that might make all the difference.

Chakra fairy – Alignment – Chakras are whirling spheres of energy that hold our astral and etheric bodies within our physical bodies. They channel the energy we receive from the Universe and put it into a form that is usable within the human body. These spheres regulate and balance all the energies that vibrate through us. All is well as long as these fields of energy are in alignment. However, if they become bogged down or spin at the wrong vibration, issues can arise. Problems can include ill health, low energy, depression, mental or emotional conditions. It is a good idea to do a chakra exercise daily. This need not take a long time to do. If you are pinched for time, ask your elemental helpers to balance your chakras for you. They will be glad to do so. One easy method for balancing chakras is through visualization. Sit in a chair or recline on a bed. You may light a candle or play soft music. Just be comfortable wand warm enough t be able to relax thoroughly. Now, begin breathing regularly, start with nice dep breaths and after a few breaths, move down into a steady breathing just as you would when you go to bed at night. Visualize before you a beautiful clear red mist…now breathe that mist way down deep into your body…exhale any negative energies or worries that may have been bothering you. Breathe this red mist into your body for several breaths until it feels like you are done. Next see an orange mist before you and begin to breathe this clear bright orange mist…continue with yellow, then green, then blue, next indigo…and next violet. I like to finish by visualizing the clear white light. This is like the finishing touch that strengthens the connection to Spirit.

I recognize the patterns of energy that flow through and about my body.

These energies are in perfect diving balance.

My health is radiant.

My mind is clear.

I am in harmony.

I give thanks to Spirit.

So be it.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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