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Halloween Tarot Reading 2023

The Reverse Sun seems to come out quite a bit. It is Eclipse season, and it is the beginning of the darkness taking over, so it feels pretty fitting. There may be a sense of depression or just feeling a bit heavy or bluesy. It’s going to be okay. The High Priestess is asking you to use this to take the time to dive into your spirituality and really embody this part of yourself. This is the time for the shadow work and the High Priestess is your guide. Let love, courage and compassion fill your heart on this journey and continue to do things to fill those cups so you don’t run on empty. The Page of Wands in Reverse really just comes in to double down on the general feeling of low morale. This may be coming out as procrastination, creative blocks, lack of energy. Obviously, I can’t end the reading like this. What do we do with this information?

The Eight of Cups in reverse in this reading feels like indecision, avoidance and stagnation. Stagnation is something that can be overcome by just doing 1 thing. Black and white thinking can tend to creep in when we are feeling generally blah so just doing 1 thing really breaks us out of the inertia. It doesn’t have to even be a big thing, just 1 thing and double points if it is just 1 thing that you have been avoiding like the laundry or getting some writing done or doing 1 sun salutation. The Ace of Swords brings clarity, inspiration, truth, communication, expansion, intelligence and concentration. Maybe learning or trying 1 new thing will help break you out of the rut no matter what that new thing is. This could manifest in trying a new food, hiking a new trail, learning a new skill or doing an old skill in a new way. Four of Pentacles says this is the way to gaining security and building wealth. This card also brings in the idea of self-control, restraint and discipline. Breaking old thought patterns, learning new things, going through big changes all takes time. Consistency is always better than force. It’s more sustainable and turns out better in the long run. Just 1 thing, then go from there.


We all know the story of Snow White, taking the apple from her stepmother who masquerades as a sweet old crone. It’s a wise old take that’s existed long before Disney ever made it into a movie and a warning that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes our greatest enemy is hiding behind the mask of a savior; death is infused into something meant to give us life and someone pretending to be our friend is luring us into a trap.

There are rotten people in the world who will take advantage of those who trust without pause. They come bearing gifts to gain your trust. Their faces are in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These people always get their due, one way or another. When an Apple appears in your spread, it is a warning to pause before making any decisions about someone or a situation. You do not have all of the facts yet and there could be danger for you now. Betrayal and deception are likely to be vigilant. You must tread carefully until everything comes to light.


Silent winged and wise

All seeing creature of the night

Show me the way

I will follow you in flight

Owls have for thousands of years been part of folklore and have been considered a special or sacred animal. With their huge forward-facing eyes and otherworldly appearance, they have been seen as both wise and as harbingers of the supernatural.

There are many hundreds of species of owls and almost all are nocturnal and carnivorous. Interestingly they all have specially designed feathers that enable them to fly silently at night, giving them an incredible hunting advantage…sort of like having a stealth mode!

Many deities were said to be able to change into owls and perhaps the most famous was the Greek Goddess Athena, who famous for her strategy and intelligence. To this very day, the capital city of Greece, Athens, has Athena’s owl as its symbol.

Should the hooting owl come looking for you this Halloween, it indicates the need for wise council or further information before you make a decision. Considered action is warranted. Think before you act emotionally and ensure you think strategically, not impulsively.

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